The Daily Struggles Of A Girl Routine Only They Would Understand

There are so many perks of being a girl, and y’all must agree that a girl is the most beautiful creation in the world. (Men don’t get me wrong, you’re beautiful too). But inside the fabulous figure, there are so many struggles that we go through every day. (Just like men, but it feels that we tend to have more).

I hope I’m not exaggerating to call them struggles, but if you’re a girl you pretty much could relate with all of them as they’re so real.

Beyond the bra thing, you know wearing and taking it off every single day, to having your eyeliner on and suddenly rubbing the eyes, below you can find the other daily struggles which every girl could right away relate:

1. Having long nails is a real struggle for you’ll have to ask for help so many times during the day.

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2. You see all of them? After one day or two, you can barely find one…

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3. Valid for all the people with long hair but since girl are more common — if there’s wind there’s no cool photo!

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4. It never happened to me, because my hair is not thick at all, but I know the struggle is real.

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5. We try the bun at home and it turns out to be the best bun ever, then we want to go out and do the same – it ends like this…
girls' struggles
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6. And just when you don’t think about it, it happens in the middle of the rush…

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7. I just wanted to sleep with my hair bands, because they disappear all the time!

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8. Here’s what often happens when we carry our make up in our handbags (which we do almost all the time)…

girls' struggles
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9. And when you wear lipstick, it happens this…

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10. There are moments that you use too much concealer and it simply feels that your face color doesn’t match with your body skin anymore!girls' struggles
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11. Let them know that the second picture is 90% of the makeup that matters to us!

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12. Short vs. thin hair struggles… I can barely cover it
girls' struggles
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