Dakota Johnson Has The Funniest Explanation For That Awkward Picture

The Golden Globes, on January 7, gave us a lot to remember for sure, like the TimeisUp movement for raising awareness about sexual harassment.

However, there is one moment that people are trying hard to forget. Remember Dakota Johnson’s reaction when Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston came face to face during the awards? Angelina looked like she did not want to hear Jennifer’s speech, and Dakota found that…um… interesting. Awkward! Now, Dakota claims that she was not the only one and does not regret it.

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The duo have always tried their best to avoid appearances together after Angelina started having an affair with Brad Pitt and ended up marrying him. Jennifer was devastated, but it seems like Brad was not the best for both of them. It would be only natural that Dakota would want to see Angelina’s reaction to Jennifer’s speech up on that stage, right? I mean, I would have done the same!

Recently, the Fifty Shades of Gray actress appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show where she was forced to explain what happened at the event.

The picture shows Dakota staring at Angelina as Jennifer takes the stage to present an award.

Reflecting on the picture, Dakota pointed out how she wasn’t the only curious mind sitting at the table.

Also, Elizabeth Chambers was equally guilty of doing the same as much as she was. Moreover, Dakota said she looked sneakier than Elizabeth, for example.

“I’m not the only one [looking at Angelina],” Dakota said.

“Elizabeth is very blatantly looking at her. She’s like, ‘what is she gonna do?’ I was trying to be sly about it.” Isn’t she right? Interestingly, this was not the only attempt of Dakota trying to hide what she did.


After considering it, she claims she was actually spying on the cast of Stranger Things, who were sitting on the next table.

“Honestly, truthfully, I don’t think I was actually looking at her,” Dakota said. Dakota said that people should follow the direction of her eyes before judging.

“If you look really closely at the angle of my eyes, they’re kind of over here (points). There was the actual kids’ table, all of the Stranger Things kids, and I really love Stranger Things so much,” she said.


As she is a big fan of the show, she explained that she wanted to take a picture of them for a friend.

“I tried to send my friend a picture. Which is the thing I hate the most. When people are in restaurants and try and take a sneaky picture of you. So, I did that at the Golden Globes,” she said.

To prove this, she gave Jimmy her phone to show the video she had taken on the night.

In the video, one can see how Dakota is trying her best to not make it obvious that she is trying to catch a perfect shot of the Stranger Things cast. Can you blame her? She’s such a cute spy!

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