These 8 Simple Everyday Activities Can Really Damage Your Spine

Ah… the eye-roll when that feeling of ache running down your spine and radiating to your back. You just know you’re in for an eventful evening, don’t you. And since you didn’t lift any weights or do any crazy choreography, you’re left wondering how did this ache really happen? How did you damage your spine?


It’s simple, the way you do the everyday things can be a reason for your achy back. But luckily, there are also some activities and ways to fix it. Scroll down below and enjoy these 8 activities that might be very helpful if you’re struggling with spine problems.

1. The way you brush your teeth

Yes, even this could be a problem. When you’re standing on your feet, the pressure is higher than when you’re walking. If you bend on top of that, the pressure increases so while brushing your teeth, try to stand straight and place one hand on the wall.


2. The way you wash the dishes

Usually when you’re washing the dishes, people stand in a semi-bent position where a lot of pressure is applied on your arms and spine. This particular position can wear out the intevertebal discs of your spine and lead to aching in the area between your shoulder blades. So, the perfect way to do it is to place a knee-level stool or chair under your knee. This position will immediately reduce pressure on your spine.


3. The way you change the wheel of your car

Squatting as if you are sitting is not the ideal position to change the wheel of your car and you will be left with back pain through the day. So, the right thing to do is to sit on your knees on the ground next to the wheel so you’re at par with the fender of the car.


4. The way you carry shopping bags

When you’re shopping don’t ask the cashier to fit everything in a bag so you don’t have to carry two of them. That position can strain the lower portion of your spine so spend those extra five bucks to get another one. If the bag is heavy, lift it up with your knees bent and carry equally heavy bags in both hands to balance the weight.


5. The way you sweep the floor

Sweeping the floor with your back bent is a huge no for your spine. Chuck the floorcloth while sweeping and get a mop with a large handle instead. You should be standing while cleaning the floor.


6. The way you tie your shoelaces

I think we already learned by now that bending while standing is a harmful position for the back. So while lacing your shoes, the best position to tie your laces is to sit on a chair or stool pulling your leg up and repeating the same thing with your other leg.


7. The way you carry your backpack

Most of teenagers like to carry their backpack in one shoulder as it’s cooler. But this is so bad for your spine so slide on each strap on each shoulder and use a soft backpack with soft strudy straps.


8. The way you get heavy objects down from a height

Stretching your arms while picking up a heavy object can stretch and wear out your spine. So, place a stool/chair on the ground and climb on it to reach the wanted object.


These everyday activities are very simple but so important for your spine. Make sure to do them correctly if you want to save yourself from pain in the future.

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