Dana Vulin Suffered Life Threatening Burns After Jealous Woman Attacked Her

Dana Vulin from Perth, Australia was the victim of a disgusting revenge crime back in 2012. She was at home with her dog on a evening when she was attacked by Natalie Dimitrovska who was convinced that her husband was having an affair with her.

Natalie covered the Australian in methylated spirit and let her to burn to death. However, Dana wrote in her book what happened exactly on that night and the recovery process that she had to take. Unbelievable.

“She doused me with the chemical, hitting my face, arms, chest, everything from the waist up,” Dana recalled. The methylated spirits caught the naked flame in my hand and suddenly the whole world was on fire. The flames were everywhere: my shoulders, my naked stomach — only my boobs were protected by my tiny boob tube. The flames spread to my head, my hair went up in seconds, and when I reached up to wipe the burning chemicals off my face, my hands were already on fire. The pain was excruciating, but through my screaming, I could hear Natalie and Daniel making their escape through the sliding door. They were laughing at me while I burnt alive,” Dana wrote in her book.

Suffering from intense pain, she managed to go to the sink and cover her body with water while screaming for help. A man who had been working out in the gym near her, heard her scream and saved her.

Dana was in coma for two days and ever since then the recovery process have been very painful.

“There is no amount of anything that you know that can prepare you for this,” she said. “I slept sitting on a crucifix for two half years, with wrist splints, arm splints, elbow splints, palm splints, a mouth brace, a neck brace,” she added.


She also went through different surgeries to help her recover from her injuries and endured painful physio sessions to regain mobility. For two years and eight months, the 30-year-old had to wear a mask and a garment for the rest of her body for three years.

“They’ve taken my right leg for skin four and a half full times, my left leg four times,” she said.

“My groin is my neck, my hips and armpit and they shaved my entire skull to graft my entire face,” she added.


According to her, medicine can do everything since there were people who thought that she would never recover this much. Dana credits herself too for the hard work and determination.

“I’ve worked day and night. I’ve gone above and beyond,’ she said, explaining she’d tried an array of extra treatments. You’ve got to do the work yourself. I’ve empowered myself,” she went on. “I went and read and learned everything I could about burns and the skin’s system and layers. I’ve tried everything.”

She is a great example of working hard and continuing her life no matter all the difficulties in life.

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