What’s Going On Between Dancing With the Stars’ Partners Alexis Ren And Alan Bersten?

Looks like dancing and love go hand in hand as this season’s Dancing With the Stars partners Alexis and Alans seemed to have been hitting it off. A source told E! News that the model and her dancing instructor have started to “really enjoy each others company.”

Regarding the duo, the source also added:

Alan is a great guy. She’s a very sweet girl too.

While Alexis started her dancing competition with a boyfriend by her side, the source said that they were already on the outs, leading to their breakup. However, the source also revealed that the split has nothing to do with Alan and there was no cheating. According to the source, Alan was really supportive the whole time and a great friend after the breakup.


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However, as the competition is going on, the couple is not rushing to define the relationship as the source said:

They are both young, attractive people just seeing where it goes, but it’s nothing serious at the moment. He really wanted to keep it professional at first, he takes work very seriously, but if anything this is more of a friendship that is starting to turn romantic and they’re just seeing where things go!

Much to her surprise, Alexis confessed that she was developing feelings for Alan saying:

It happened really quickly though, so I think I’m still trying to process it.

On the other hand, Alan tried to keep things professional until recently as in a sneak peek of the show, Alan is heard telling the model that he too is falling in love, saying:

I know that you put yourself out there last weekend, and I do have feelings for you. And I really feel like I am falling for you.

The episode of Dancing with the Star airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.


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