Danielle Bregoli Just Revealed What She Spends Her Money On

Fifteen-year-old problematic rapper Danielle Bregoli is making headlines again. This time, the social media personality, who is known as Bhad Bhabie, is sharing what she spends her money on. You will never guess, though.

Danielle became known for her viral video meme and catchphrase “cash me outside, how ’bout dat?” after appearing on an episode of Dr. Phil in September 2016. Well, sorry if you already forgot about that, but don’t worry, she is still popular nowadays. Since saying ‘cash me outside’ and sending social media into a frenzy, the 15-year-old has done good for herself.

It seems like Bregoli is now a millionaire thanks to her music career. Hollywood Life reported last July that she was earning $50,000 per show after signing a deal with Live Nation.

Recently, TMZ asked her what she spends her money on.

There we have it folks: “I only spend my money on nails and eyelashes.”

Smart move, girl!

But what does everyone else think about this? Her dad Ira Peskowitz has spoken about his battle to gain custody of his daughter in order to save her from a ‘downward spiral’.

Ira, a police officer in Florida, has been paying child support for the last 13 years, but wants more involvement in his daughter’s life.


Ira’s close friend and representative Elliot Cohen said to UNILAD:

“This isn’t something new for Ira, a lot of people are talking about how he’s some Johnny-come-lately dad. Ira’s been trying to help Danielle and get back into her life for years, long before Dr. Phil. Danielle’s mother has really blocked this at every turn, she’s really been the obstacle for Danielle getting the help she wants.”

Elliot goes on:

“If he has to go to court, he’ll do it, but this isn’t new for him. He’s been paying child support for 13 years, it’s just new to everyone else because of Dr. Phil.”


During the interview, Elliot explained Ira’s fears for Danielle. It is ‘that no one steps in and stops her spiraling out-of-control lifestyle that involved hanging around with dangerous people, documenting every dysfunctional moment of her life on social media, this isn’t how you raise a daughter, but this is how Danielle’s mother is choosing to raise her daughter’.

Meanwhile, Danielle’s mother has full custody of her daughter. However, it seems like she uses Ira’s money to bring her ‘Hollywood, agents, Instagram fights, dysfunction, and hanging out with dangerous people’’.

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Elliot said:

Ira has not been able to reach his daughter for the years that he has been trying. He’s going to court now because it’s the last resort. This is hopefully the move that will get him some influence in his daughter’s life and begin the process of saving her from a destructive and incredibly dangerous lifestyle her mother has put her in. Over the years they have communicated, they’ve had lunches. Ira has suggested supervised visitation because Danielle’s mother wouldn’t allow the two of them to be alone.”

He goes on:

“So Ira tried to organize some supervised visitation. They had a date and time lined up, and then Danielle’s mother prevented her from showing up.”

What do you think about Danielle’s situation?

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