8 Dating Truths Straight From Tumblr

Dating doesn’t always turn out exactly the way dream about it. Sometimes, it’s better and sometimes it means you have to put more work than it’s actually worthy. But if anyone knows the ups and downs of dating, it’s Tumblr. Diply has selected some pictures that are totally accurate and so relatable, you’ll want to chip into the conversation.

And you’ve seen it before, none of the other platforms that people practically live in does not hold such accurate wording the way Tumblr does. And you’ll see why in a bit.

1. Imaginary partner

Many of us have convinced ourselves that our crush is into us but they’re just afraid to make the first move. Well…


Tumblr | oheejunss

2. God damn it, Adele.


Tumblr | mrcrockervevo

3. Why ain’t you picking up?

I mean, what could you possibly be doing that’s more important than hearing my voice? I mean…?


Tumblr | sametrue

4. Having a crush is the worst thing ever

It’s like you just can’t ever tell them how you feel, and make the first move. Honestly, I don’t know which one is worse.


Tumblr | weather

5. This is a lesson no one learns from

Getting your soul crushed is not easy, but then we repeat the same mistake twice.


Tumblr | onlytwitterpics

6. Why is self-sabotage a common thing in relationships?

This is a hard one and feelings get mixed somewhere along the way.


Tumblr | psychecl

7. This is honestly the only thing that matters during an argument

As long as you keep calling me cute names, it ain’t over.


Tumblr | psychecl

8. This is exactly how it works sometimes

I think I would be single forever if it wasn’t for someone else’s bravery and confidence.


Tumblr | georgewarshington
Source: Diply