David Walliams and Matt Lucas ‘Are Talking’ About A Possible Little Britain’s Revival

Hello there, Little Britain’s fans!

In case it slipped your mind, it has been 12 years now since Little Britain was on. And, guess what? We have a glimpse of it hitting the screens again. Yay!

David Williams and Matt Lucas – the creators who also starred in the sketch show – might have just given a hint that they are talking ‘about bringing it back.’

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It was only this Monday when they appeared on This Morning with Holly and Phil in the studio that David gave away the news.

Rumor had it that the show will be back so Holly Willoughby didn’t hold back to ask the Britain’s Got Talent judge, “So, Little Britain? Just to put that to bed slightly… or is there going to be more?”

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In between lines, David admitted that they are “just talking about it” at the moment, saying:

Matt has his last night in Les Miserables stage show tonight and we are meeting up to speak about our future plans. We did a special episode called Little Brexit that we started on Radio 4, and yeah, we would love to do more – or maybe something new.

The Little Britain Brexit special took place back in October, and was the last time the pair joined forces.

Source: This Morning

Vicky Pollar and the memorable duo Lou and Andy were seen making their much awaited return.

The past did consist of some clashes between Walliams and Lucas, which also once lead to a backstage fight.

However, time does change people and David confirmed it saying that they are different people now and they need to rethink their approach to the show so they could keep up with the times.

Source: David Walliams

Back to last year, when he spoke to Radio Times, he said.

You’d definitely do it differently. Because it’s a different time now. You’d make any comedy differently. We started working on Little Britain nearly 20 years ago, because it was on radio first.

It’s hard to say specifically how it would be different. There’s all kinds of tolerances that change. People understand people’s predicaments more now. Maybe it’s, ‘We see this differently, we’ve got more information,’ and it would be a different type of joke.

When Matt Lucas appeared on Loose Women he said that the pair would be unlikely to return to certain characters saying

There was a character who was a rubbish transvestite who said ‘I’m a lady’. She was fun at the time but I think we look differently at the transgender community now and it would be very hard to do that now.

It would be very hard to play characters of other races now and even Marjorie. People talk about that now in terms of fat shaming. We would definitely approach it very differently.

All that is left for us, is to wait and see!