Demi Lovato Wore Tiny Trousers For Each Leg And We’re Confused By Fashion Already

Fashion constantly changes and more often than not it comes back. We are faced with different trends every day, some of which are totally cool while others leave us wondering ‘Really?!’ One celebrity who always had a good fashion taste is singer Demi Lovato, but after one of her appearances lately, one funny tweet caught many people’s eye.

Do you remember the Little Nephew? Some Twitter users believe Lovato finds some of her fashion inspiration in obscure online comics

“Demi Lovato hitting us with the Little Nephew”

The 25-year-old wore kind of separate trousers for each leg and they certainly look somewhat weird. The important thing, though, is that she looks very confident and ready to rock her outfit no matter what observers think.


Zooming in a little. We were initially worried that we’re zooming in on a woman’s crotch here for a moment, but it turns out it’s actually nothing naughty or “revealing.”


And as Twitter user @Manicsocratic pointed out, Lovato’s outfit reminded many of Achewood’s character The Little Nephew. Achewood is a series of webcomics created by Chris Onstad in 2001 which portrays the lives of a group of anthropomorphic stuffed toys, robots, and pets.


Take a good look at this frame in particular


“Jeez! It’s the style. Shut UP! Shut UP Twitter users!”


Source: Twitter/@manicsocratic
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