Denver Hires Homeless People For A Day Of Labor And The Results Are Great

The city of Denver, Colorado has decided to make a difference to its growing homeless population. Just like many cities across the U.S., Denver has a large population of displaced people. However, through its Day Works program, the city has decided to help people get off the streets and offered them a chance to work. For some, this has resulted in earning a permanent job and the success of the program so far is more than visible.


Source: Denver Human Services

In the Day Works program, people who were homeless could take on jobs for the city or county. These would help them earn some money, get experience and connections. For example, for three days a week, they can do things like replacing light bulbs at the library, shoveling mulch in parks, or helping out with the city’s Elections Division.


Source: YouTube | Denver Human Services

Reportedly, workers have enjoyed these activities so far, and employers have also been very satisfied.

In the project’s first year, in November 2016, 284 people worked for one day at least. Some worked more days, according to the Denver Post. Moreover, participants made at least $12 an hour for their efforts. Out of these people, 110 were granted full-time jobs afterward.


Source: YouTube | Denver Human Services

This has had a great impact on the lives of numerous people.

Michael Brodsky, who landed an on-call maintenance job at the library, often uses the word “grateful” to describe his experience. Moreover, he claims that he misses his job when he is not there. It completely changed his life.


Source: Denver Public Library

This program is nowadays expanding into a fourth, and possibly a fifth day later this year.

The city is also trying to get more varied work opportunities as well, so that more women, minorities, and disabled people can get involved in this project.


Source: YouTube | Denver Human Services

Here are some celebrities who used to be homeless.

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