12+ Times Designers Amazed Us With Their Creativity

People’s creativity always amazes me. Be it in their writing, drawing or their designs, there is nothing more fascinating to me than the way human minds work. But, as much as I admire all creative work, I can’t help but think how talentless I am. It’s not that I lack in ideas, but when it comes to putting my idea on paper, my inner artist shies away. Maybe it has to do with confidence (or should I say, lack of confidence), or maybe I just have two left hands.

However, my lack of ability to come up with something unique doesn’t stop me from getting all excited when I run into other people’s work. This article is here to prove to you that being a designer is a lot of hard work. It requires limitless ideas and unique ones as well.


1. This hologram lamp looks otherworldly.

© Orestius / pikabu


2. Defensive urban architecture

© ImirRude / pikabu


3. This barcode for this pasta product is probably the most creative idea someone has had in a while.

© peateeksamal / reddit


4. “This water bottle I got at my cinema is super cool.”

© Ryuzaki2134 / reddit


5. A little creepy but amazing nonetheless.

© TSUK1H1ME / pikabu


6. This architect’s work is brilliant. I know who I am calling when I want to get my own place.

© Pavarotti_Flamingo / reddit


7. This basket table turns into a masterpiece in the blink of an eye.

© RegularHumanSized / reddit


8. Now, would you look at that? So aesthetically pleasing.

© UberCoffeeTime8 / reddit


9. The water tap drips onto plants to not waste water. Extremely useful and thoughtful.

© halfandhafu / reddit


10. This is for when you want unique decor above your fireplace but love animals too much. You can have both.

© goodbeets / reddit


11. No one will get lost.

© LoganJn / reddit


12. 3D printed prosthesis limbs

© motoricanka / pikabu


12. I’ll let my architect know I definitely want this one.

© MatthewMarcooooooux / reddit


13. This ashtray is kinda difficult to miss.

© syst3m_ERR0R / reddit


14. An unusual keyboard

© QueGettingShitDone / reddit


15. Bonus: sunburn art

designer creativity

© minilua.com


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