Bikini Designer Sends Powerful Message About Instagram Perfection

Nowadays photos on social media are full of false perfection, especially on Instagram. You scroll down the feed and all you see is women or men falsely presenting themselves as perfect. These later influence other people and their idea of what they should look like. Karina Irby is a swimwear designer and fitness blogger with more than 680,000 Instagram followers. She recently posted side-by-side photos of herself before and after drinking a milkshake to make an important point about Instagram perfection.

Swimwear designer’s Instagram feed is full of selfies, workout videos, vacation pictures and everything else considered normal in the social media world. But on 30th of October, she shared a post that’s a bit different. Her posts involved a side-by-side collage that shows Karina with a decadent, candy-topped milkshake. In the left-hand photo, she posed with a perfect smile and untouched milkshake, barely sipping the sugary dessert. In the right-hand photo, she’s staring straight at the camera with a smear of chocolate syrup across her lip. You would think the pictures make no sense, but her message is actually very powerful.

Instagram VS Real Life Real talk. Try not to judge a book by its cover. We’re all guilty of it, especially in a world of Social Media. Keep an open mind that everyone is different and has a different story. Hell! People try and put me down on Social Media everyday; calling me all kinds of names and saying I’ve had all kinds of surgeries They don’t know me, or what I do, or how I think. BUT if they had the chance to meet me they’d soon realise I’m just a goofy dork who designs swimwear, sings all my words loudly, and badly! They’d realise I have a serious and concerning chocolate addiction, hence my fat booty (sorry trolls it’s not fat injections) and has nightly dates with my super lame TV series. I’m an only child and love to be alone. I’m not very social and have more friends on Social Media than in real life. My work is my baby and I’m obsessed with helping it grow. I want to change the way people see beauty. Working out is my escape from reality. My hobby is giving people gifts and watching their reactions when they open it. Just like Oprah, I wish I could buy every single one of my followers a brand new car! My parents are my best friends. My Dad is a quadriplegic and my Mum is recovering from open heart surgery. My fear is bad health. I tell Ryan I love him three times before I go to sleep. I got bullied in primary school. I get bullied now. The only difference is now I don’t care and I enjoy the laugh. I wish people would stop asking me when I’m having babies because I already have three fur children. I’m happy and proud of myself and who I have become and hope everyone reading this can love themselves too. There. I bet you wouldn’t have guessed any of that from looking at my Instagram profile⚡️

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She wanted to highlight the gap between the photos on Instagram and the actual experience behind those snapshots. Although the left picture is aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t tell the real story.  The photo of the post-milkshake sugar rush is much more honest.

“Instagram [versus] real life real talk,” Irby wrote in the caption. “Try not to judge a book by its cover. We’re all guilty of it, especially in a world of Social Media. Keep an open mind that everyone is different and has a different story.”

This was not all! The designer also started revealing honest facts about her own life. She revealed that her parents were her best friends, that she was bullied as a kid, that she loved to spend time alone. This was all done to prove that Instagram does not tell everything about a person. As a matter of fact, it says too little.

This isn’t the first time Irby has made headlines for addressing the myth of Instagram perfection. In September, she shared side-by-side photos that revealed exactly how she used Photoshop to achieve “perfect” bikini photo.

LETS PLAY A GAME? It’s called REALITY VS INSTAGRAM Every morning I wake up and scroll though my personal Instagram feed and spy “Insta Girls” posting unrealistic images of themselves. The girls I follow that portray these images have big followings, often with hundreds of thousands of young girls looking up to them as a role models. As I scroll though the comments I find young girls tagging their friends “GOALS” and “OMG WHY DONT I LOOK LIKE THIS” The truth is these girls don’t looks like this. They look like you, like everyone. I have gone ahead and copied the classic “Insta Girl Edit” in my second image and listed below is what I have done to it Full body skin smooth Enlarged my booty Sucked in my tummy Sucked in my back Thinned out my arms Thinned out my quads Made my neck a tad skinnier Got ride of my scars and cellulite Made my breast rounder Lifted my booty After all these little tweaks, can you notice how my horizon is warped? So many girls are so into how their Insta image is going to be portrayed that they don’t even notice they have warped the background!? ‍♀️ Ladies, I’m not here to play mean girl towards others. I simply want to #inspire you to love yourself and stop comparing yourselves to unrealistic images online. Look out for the signs of the “Insta Girl Edit” and don’t take social media too seriously. Let’s get real❤️

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Some fans were not so pleased when they saw the posts. They were saying that she shouldn’t share Photoshopped pictures in the first place if she wanted to get real. But her new milkshake before-and-after-post seems more revolutionary.

“You’re such an inspiration, Karina,” one person wrote. “I love what you stand for and you do it well!”

“Love your pics and your writing even more!” another one commented. “Always feels so genuine.”

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