12+ Designers Who Really Deserve An Award For Their Unique Designs

People say simplicity is key, and in a lot of cases, that’s well and true. But other times, we come across some designs that are so unique, and at times, even intricate in their design that you’re left thinking, “Hmm, never thought I’d need something like this.”

They’re really one of the things you never think you’d need until you stumble across it. They may not be completely life-altering or saving, but they’re unique. So kudos to the designers behind them, they really deserve some sort of award. The “small but unique and interesting design award?” We’ll come up with a better name – in the meantime, scroll down to see just that – unique, well thought out, and interesting designs, which sometimes have no function other than to make us smile!


1. This toilet stall door which comes with an extra door for little kids.

Photo Credit: © dragotiger / Reddit


2. These two cooking plates which can then be stored on the wall after using – perfect for small kitchens!


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Photo Credit: yankodesign


3. This very dapper pizza box which, when opened, looks like a suit!

Photo Credit: © pwenski / Reddit


4. This gaming chair for hardcore gamers.

(The price is around $14,700. In the picture, the price is marked in tenge, the currency used in Kazakhstan.)

Photo Credit: © kemre / Pikabu


5. This gorgeous eyeshadow palette shaped, named, and with colors resembling planets!


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Photo Credit: arts.hub


6. This 3D-printed cast you can safely shower with.

Photo Credit: © xventriloquist / Reddit


7. This Bitcoin ATM which is designed with neon lights.

Photo Credit: © appL3ZOR / Reddit


8. This is actually a book about chocolate – genius, right?

Photo Credit: © kbssita / Reddit


9. This LEGO bag which makes you look like a LEGO cyborg!

Photo Credit: © eazymoney68 / Reddit


10. This PAW-some chair!

Photo Credit: kypexin


11. This root-shaped bench system in Seoul.

Photo Credit: © earthmoonsun / Reddit


12. These shoes which will make detectives think they’re dealing with a walking keyboard!

Photo Credit: © yeronyms / Reddit


13. The way the fire extinguisher was placed at an aquarium.

Photo Credit: © 2chainsguitarist / Reddit


14. This melting ice cube lamp!


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15. This pizza box which can turn into a mini-box for leftover pizza.

Photo Credit: © u/dark_forebodings_too / Reddit


16. These trippy floor tiles.

Photo Credit: © coopdapoop / Reddit


17. This makeup bag which has an “emergency hair tie”!

Photo Credit: © Mellykarr / Reddit


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