12+ Pictures That Show Some Designing Fails Which Have No Explanations

People try so hard and carefully to hire others so they do the job right, however, all that effort sometimes goes to waste leaving you with horrible results. But, don’t blame yourself, at least you tried. What you looked for might not be exactly right, however, that doesn’t mean things cannot get fixed. Also, it will serve as a lesson for the other times coming.

There are some people who don’t really love what they do, and only look an easier and quicker way out. They do it once, twice or thrice as we don’t really care of the end results.

We have seen some construction errors that people hired have done in architecture and laughed so much at them wondering what they have thought. Since we live in the era of the internet, there is proof we can witness as well. I mean, what enters the net, doesn’t leave the net all that thanks to the screenshots, pictures, or even the save as buttons.

Below let us see a list of some designers that introverted traffic lights, painted ice, and other funny things all around us.

1. “Just installed the air!”

Photo Credit: © MrCharlie71 / reddit


2. “Fan is installed, boss!”

Photo Credit: © kangcore / reddit

3. “This $1 million-dollar San Francisco loft has a diagonal support beam that cuts through the middle of the kitchen.”

Photo Credit: © DewayneJones / reddit

4. Let this “piece of art” do all the talking.

Photo Credit: © Paramon28 / pikabu

5. Special parking spot.

Photo Credit: © mircenall / pikabu

6. And the builder of the year award goes to…

Photo Credit: © Chab_o_Z_P / reddit


7. I want this designer’s number ASAP

Photo Credit: © vps2007 / pikabu


8. This designer hasn’t ridden a bike never, ever in his life, apparently.

Photo Credit: © WalkingCloud / reddit


9. Super duct tape to the rescue

Photo Credit: © poluyanov / pikabu


10. This is painted ice. Now you’ve seen everything!

Photo Credit: © Viverlen / pikabu


11. When you decide to save some money and hire a cheaper builder

Photo Credit: © minuteman / pikabu


12. And so can this…

Photo Credit: © gkxmiller / reddit


13. “I can’t even think of a good reason why…”

Photo Credit: © WalkerTexasWanker / reddit


14. There goes a trip to waste…

Photo Credit: © LahaceLaglawi / reddit


15. “This monstrosity at my friend’s house”

Photo Credit: © BronzeOne / reddit

16. “Road is finished, boss!”

designing fails
Photo Credit: © CapitanRainbow / reddit


17. Creative!

designing fails
Photo Credit: © maghikal / reddit


18. Creative part 2.

designing fails
Photo Credit: © Kolobokoff / pikabu

Have you ever found yourself in such situations? Or, have you ever been the one to blame for such situations?

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