Desperate For Some Change In Your Life? You Might Want To Start By Changing Your Hairstyle

Change is good… or so goes the saying! Change might also be scary, but come on, once you do it you’ll feel 10x better. We all need a little touch of change in our lives, especially when it comes to changing hairstyles. The style you wear today may have worked for you before, BUT do you know when it’s time to change your hair? MetDaan is here to give you a clear idea.

Whenever you are sitting in one of those waiting rooms; killing time going through the magazines and you see the current hairstyle you are wearing right now, if your reaction is NOT “Oh yeah! I love this style”, you might want to start there.

The celebrity hairstylist in Hollywood California, guy_tang with 2.3M followers on Instagram knows exactly what your hair is in need of, and with the magical work he does, he will undoubtedly leave you WOWED!

Enough with the talking and let us check some of his work:


Aren’t we all tired of those annoying split ends?

It looks like, the clipper is one of the tools used by Guy Tang to get rid of the split ends.

The Flame? How in the world?!

Sure, if that works just fine, I’m up for it.

Time to see the whole process of saying goodbye to the split ends in the video:

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Now, this is how real change looks like:

Her hair doesn’t actually look bad, but what’s coming! Oh boy…

Bangs on their way.

This is not it.


Surprise, surprise!


Adoring that slightly stiff wave look.

Time to take a look at the video:

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Guy Tang, can also do wonder to men’s hair.



The process of finishing up the hair cutting.

An angle of the transformation

The pre-lighted hair transformation

Take a look at the whole process:

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“Life is too short to have boring hair”, change it now if you haven’t already and make everyone turn their heads and get some inspiration immediately after seeing you.


Source: Guy_tang

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