Dewey From ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ Is Now All Grown Up

A smart and musically-talented youngster, who was often the victim of his brothers’ pranks: Dewey.

I am sure most of you remember the most adorable member of the 2000’s dysfunctional American sitcom ‘Malcolm in the Middle’, which was on air for seven years. A recap of it would be: The series follows a dysfunctional working-class family and stars Frankie Muniz in the lead role of Malcolm, who is basically at a genius level of smartness. While he enjoys his brain and intelligence, he despises having to take classes for gifted children, because they are mocked by the other students who call them “Krelboynes”. Whereas, Malcolm’s younger brother is Dewey (Erik), who is bitter about his ruined childhood. Nevertheless, he is very smart and musically talented. And so on…

The actor who played Dewey from the age of nine to 15 was Erik Per Sullivan. And, no he is not the little boy we used to see in the series. He is now all grown up, having 27 years since he was brought into this world, and boy, he looks completely different! No wonder this beloved character has people wondering how the process of aging affected him. If only we knew what creams he used!

Join me through a few photos of Erik on his Instagram and see how he has changed now that he’s all grown up.

Dewey from Malcolm In The Middle
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Still a suave looking guy! 😍


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Erik and Justin on the set of one of Justin’s movies he was producing.


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Well, I wouldn’t say he is unrecognizable at all!


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On the other hand, Erik’s other onscreen brother, Frankie Muniz, who played Malcolm, has had some not-so-good times recently. After flying to France to attend the funeral of his uncle in November this year, Frankie returned to his home in the US. Until now, nothing wrong. The worst part comes after he notices his house has completely flooded, thanks to his cat.

Frankie revealed the destructive saga in a series of tweets, telling the story in detail. He started the tweet, writing:

I arrived home from my uncle’s funeral to find 4 of my 5 story brownstone home under 3 feet of water.

Muniz, who is now 33 years old, has also shared how he gets called ‘Jesse Pinkman’ very often, adding the hashtag “I wish”. Now that I think, the resemblance is very striking!


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