Model Diana Veras Responds To Body-Shamers By Posting Even More Bikini Pictures

In today’s world of pre-set beauty standards, where young girls are told by mass or social media how they should look in order to be considered attractive, we, of course, need to see more representation when it comes to body shape. However, even though representation is a much-needed thing, the internet can be full of… well assholes (if you’ll pardon my French).

There are people in the world who seem to have a problem when they see others oozing confidence and loving themselves. How many times have you scrolled through Instagram or any other social media site and seen a picture of a woman displaying her physique? More often than not, you can see unwanted, and un-asked-for negative comments by people who like to put their two cents in on the woman’s appearance.

Diana Veras, a model from New York who is signed on to Jag Models, recently posted a series of pictures on her Twitter account posing in a bikini. She wrote alongside the pictures,  “Hello, summer is here and I look fab,” and of course the majority of her followers loved them and showered her in praise. However, as we established, people love to give their negative opinions, so a very lovely comment of (note: sarcasm) “you’re fat” rolled in.

However, Diana wasn’t phased by the remark, and simply replied: “And? The f*ck lmaoooo” beside a GIF of a man shooing somebody away.

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But the model had a bit more to add.

Showing her give-no-sh*t what you think about my body attitude, Diana posted even more pictures of herself wearing bikinis. “Here’s more of my lil chubby ass in a bathing suit since it offends men so much,” she said.

She also thanked her followers on an Instagram post:

“U guys r so sweet n supportive and I’m so thankful that y’all drag any trolls that try 2 make me feel bad about myself, so thank u. Love u all thanks for the constant support.”

You go, girl, slay!

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