Dip Coloring And Rainbow Hair Are Still In

You may have thought that rainbow hair is so last year, but here we go again. Seeing this Rainbow hair queen doing magic on her clients’ hair will make you scream for a rainbow. Meen Denver-based artist Taylor Rae, who loves to put color in your lives. In your hair, to be more exact. One, two, three, rainbows are still in!

You can find her as taylorrae_hair on Instagram and she describes herself as ‘Mother of Rainbows’.

Have you ever tried dip coloring?

Wikipedia says: “Dip dye (also known as “tip dyeing”) is a hair coloring style that involves dipping the ends of the hair into dye.”

Watch her favorite technique on a client below:

How to keep vivid colors form mixing when you rinse

In the video below, she gives some tips on how to achieve just that.

HOW DO YOU KEEP VIVID COLORS FROM MIXING WHEN YOU RINSE??? . This is a question I get asked often. Here are my tips to a clean vivid rinse out. 🔸 ICE COLD WATER: if my client doesn’t have brain freeze it isn’t cold enough 🔸 HIGH WATER PRESSURE 🔸CONDITIONER ONLY . 🌟@pravana vivids rinse clean, look at the water in my sink you can only see the slightest hint of color coming out of the hair. 💖Hope this was a helpful visual 💖 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #asmr #oddlysatisfying #oddlysatisfyingvideo #hairstyles #rainbowhair #processingporn #hairporn #videoporn #stylevideo #beautifulhair #styleartists #wakeupandmakeup #hairtutorial #hairtutorials #hairblogger #fashionblogger #hairtrends #denverhair #denverstylist

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Just playing with some colors

This is what you would call hair porn.

Painting rainbows

Here comes another one

Here is another interesting way to dye your hair.

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