Man Turns Into The New Clone Of Kim Kardashian To Mock Yeezy Season 6

A collaboration between Adidas and rapper Kanye West brought us the Yeezy apparel collection, and in the latest season of the collection Yeezy, Kanye and Kim decided to cast models to feature the apparel who like Kim’s clones. And guess who was there? Paris Hilton! She certainly did a great job at looking like Kim’s clone, but a man named Diplo may have done a better job.

Diplo turned himself into a clone of Kim, imitating the models and took his job very seriously, and the Internet just burst into laughter. He would make a great fit for the campaign! Too bad he was only doing it for fun.

Article first appeared on the DailyMail.


Diplo probably found the Kim-K clone campaign worthy as he donned a blonde wig recently.


The 39-year-old artist grabbed a cup of coffee and posed shirtless for the camera.


Kanye West and Kim cast several models to look like Kim for the new campaign.

These included Paris Hilton, the Clermont twins, and Amina Blue.

New York Fashion Week is just around the corner! However, a source told PEOPLE that West will not have a show there. Too bad!

In the past, the rapper debuted his collections at locales like Madison Square Garden and Roosevelt Island.


But let’s get back to Diplo now. The talented artist took to social media to post several shots looking so fit for the campaign.


Diplo posted his spoof photos just before hopping on a flight to Pakistan, and the reactions on social media were priceless.


Within hours, he managed to rack up more than 150,000 likes by his fans.

The hilarious jab in Kanye West’s direction left Twitter fans rolling on the floor laughing.

One follower jokingly said, “Kim has changed a lot since she married Kanye.”


I mean, they are not far from the truth! And Kanye has, too, right?

Too bad that Diplo posed shirtless, but he imitated her platinum hair in a perfect way.


How do you like his move?

Source: Dailymail