What Are Some Of The Disadvantages Of Massage Therapy?

Whenever you think about getting a massage, we’re pretty sure that gentle and soothing images come into your mind. This because massage therapy is an industry that is growing every year, not only in the U.S but in other states as well. Massage therapy is not designed only for relaxing purposes though. It can alleviate sore muscles, reduce pain and even help with anxiety and depression and provide us with many other benefits. However, the disadvantages of massage therapy are also possible, although they are rare and few in number.

Massage therapy is a hands-on technique for the purpose of optimizing health and wellbeing. Today, there is a wide range of massage types. One of them is hot stone massage therapy in which the therapist uses hot stones but also their healing hands for a helpful treatment. However, in most of the other massage techniques, there would be only you and the therapist with his healing hands. In the other side, some therapists combine massage therapy types and they may even use scented lotions or essential oils for an enjoyable experience.

However, in case you decide to book a rubdown or massage, it’s always crucial to look for a licensed therapeutic masseuse. At the end of the day, when we first step in the spa, we need to balance the benefits of massage therapy and how well they adjust to our needs and our wellbeing goals.

For informative purposes, we’re listing down the disadvantages of massage therapy as a guide for you to have them in mind before booking your next appointment to the therapist.

Disadvantages Of Massage Therapy
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Disadvantages Of Massage Therapy



Whether you are hiring a personal masseuse or getting a massage from a spa or medical facility, massages can cost a huge amount of money if they are delivered by professionals within the field. Also, in most of the cases, since the pricing is high, one cannot utilize health insurance to cover it. This is why most of the times people have to pay from their own pocket for massage therapy sessions. When it comes to therapeutic or healing purposes, people are usually advised to get long-term massage therapy. And once they are done on regular basis and consistently they can cost a fortune. However, since you’re usually guaranteed for the effectiveness of massage therapy, if it meets your needs and pre-set health goals, it means it is worth it.



Generally, you are not allowed to multitask when you undergo a therapeutic massage. In addition, therapeutic massages may last from 60 to 90 minutes, in rarer cases even 2 hours and it might be time-consuming for busy people. Although there is possible to book a massage appointment during the evenings and weekend, they often come with higher prices than they normally do. Moreover, in some places, if you fail to appear for the planned appointment, they might charge you extra for not appearing in time.

Disadvantages Of Massage Therapy
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Accidental Injury

It is always crucial to communicate with the masseuse beforehand as if you already have a health condition that the masseuse doesn’t know about, a massage can make the body ailments worse. Some therapist use oils or other scented lotions to which you might be allergic to. Communication is crucial because in other cases the masseuse might be pressing to much pressure on a specific body part which can cause you unintended bruises. Don’t be reluctant and ask questions that concern you. Also, pregant women are advised to avoid massage therapy during the first three months of pregnancy, What To Expect writes. Even after you decide to do a prenatal massage, always research beforehand about the benefits and possible consequences that you might get out of it.


Unpleasant Aftereffect

Some types of massage are quite intense and might leave you sore the next day, Live Strong writes.  According to a study, 10% out of 100 people who were surveyed for the same research, felt a state of discomfort after 12 to 36 hours following the massage session. In addition, a massage can also make one feel fatigued and lacking the energy that day. This is why you might want to avoid important things to do after an intense massage. Instead, stay hydrated and take a short nap.



Taking into consideration that people already know what to expect when they decide to do a massage, this is merely considered a disadvantage. However, since it might be embarrassing for some people it’s safe to mention it. If you’re one of those people who never had a massage before, it can be a little awkward as a newbie to think about a stranger rubbing your almost semi-naked body for an hour or more. Although, most of the massage therapist will previously ask you to undress yourself to the level of comfort. While some people prefer to keep loose clothes on, there are others that wouldn’t mind getting completely naked. However, in order to avoid confusion moments, knowing the proper massage etiquette beforehand would ensure you a rather enjoyable experience.

In a majority of cases, the benefits of massage therapy outweigh its downsides. However, for informative purposes, it’s always better to know both sides of the story and then make the best decision one could make.