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12+ Disney Jokes That Will Always Remain Funny

12+ Disney Jokes That Will Always Remain Funny

Living in such a stressful world of bills, work, getting stuck in traffic for hours, we barely wait to get home in the afternoon and snuggle while watching a good film and drinking a hot tea with our favorite cookies aside.

The formula stands strong even today – leave your daily frustrations behind and watch a Disney movie. It is no wonder that even adults, enjoy Disney creations from time to time.

They are indeed an escape from reality in the times when life seems to be a bit harsh on us. Not only that, we can share many Disney discussions with our family, friends, and kids. There will always be something funny and cheerful to talk about them.

Whether these are talks about a specific character or about the entire movie or perhaps even just the best kind of jokes, Disney offers us all.

We’re pretty sure that at some point in your life you saw a Disney movie and you will find the below memes relatable. BoredPanda compiled a list of them – pretty much to your enjoyment:


1. He failed to park his magic carpet this time

Photo Credit: papersquared


2. Something about world history?

Photo Credit: tayalldaynyc


3. Sully is gone already

Photo Credit: Disney Memes


4. The truth is told

Photo Credit: Carbosly


5. I’d never do this

Photo Credit: lildisneyfreak


6. The best joke about Peter Pan

Photo Credit: walt.disney.lovers



7. A trap that got 150 million people to visit Walt Disney in 2017

Photo Credit: entertainment_world_54321


8. The truth has been spoken again

Photo Credit: jbcrissy


9. Pretty much accurate. Say something to defend yourself!

Photo Credit: morememethanyou


10. Everybody is screwed up sometimes

Photo Credit: xxdreamxcatcher


11. This is a good one

Photo Credit: disney_philosopher_


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12. Yes, our hair look pretty much like this when we wake up

Photo Credit: prouddisnerds


13. Have you ever considered this?

Photo Credit: Alternative Disney


14. I told you in the beginning, is damn stressful!

Photo Credit: serenasugarcube


15. Deep thinking behind, huh?

Photo Credit: thedisneymeme


16. Celine Dion reference quite needed here


Disney Jokes
Photo Credit: rzxlexy


17. So, it is!

Disney Jokes
Photo Credit: thedisneymeme

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