This Disney ‘Toy Story’ Themed Plane Has Gotten Us All Thrilled

A Disney Toy Story themed plane exists and the world just got a bit more joyous!

This plane will truly make you nostalgic for the Woody and Buzz times! It’s fair to say, it’s one of the most exciting Disney-related things to happen. The Disney Pixar franchise has been viewed with much anticipation ever since it was released back in the year 1995, and I’m pretty sure all of its audience will be delighted to know that this plane will finally take you to ‘infinity and beyond’. Figuratively.

After all the Disney and Pixar theme parks and roller coasters, it’s finally time for something that makes us feel so very close to Toy Story. Reliving the magic in Buzz Lightyear style!

According to reports, this is the third Disney livery plane of China Eastern Airline. During the first flight, passengers were taken from Beijing to Shanghai, for a ride direct to the Shanghai Disney Resort.

See pictures below:


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As Forbes reports, everything beginning from the check-in is Toy Story themed. That is to say, the check-in machines, the desks that feature images of characters like Lotso, Jesse, Barbie, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Slinky, and last but not least, Buzz and Woody.

The top of the cabin in the plane has artwork of the characters, the compartments above the seats are sky blue, and the seats and tray tables have images of the characters. Not to forget, the menus are also Toy Story themed.


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Meanwhile, Toy Story 4 will be out on the 21st of June! And we’re expecting nothing less than the previous ones!

Who’s thrilled? We are!


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