Disney Will Host “Magical Pride” This Summer To Celebrate The LGBTQ Community

Disneyland Paris is organizing “Magical Pride” on June 1 to start off Pride Month, thus making it the first Disney theme park hosting an event to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

The event will feature a parade to “illuminate the streets” of Walt Disney Studios Park and a dance party with many guest artists. People will also have the chance to ride the famous rollercoaster, which you don’t get to do very often.

disney magical pride

Although Disneyland Paris has hosted “Magical Pride” events since 2014, as well as annual “Gay Days” at Disney’s American theme parks, all these events, have not been associated with Disney and were not official. According to CBS News, this year’s pride event will be the first, officially organized by The Walt Disney Co.

On their official website, Disneyland Paris wrote:

Live your best life and shine with the joy of diversity at Magical Pride, a dazzling party lighting up Disneyland Paris on 1st June 2019.

Dress like a dream, feel fabulous and experience Walt Disney Studios Park like never before – loud, proud and alive with all the colours of the rainbow.


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While a spokesperson for The Walt Disney spoke to NBC News, saying:

Diversity and equality are strong values at Disneyland Paris, and each year, we host millions of visitors regardless of their origins, gender or sexual orientation.

We are committed to fostering a welcoming environment for all of our guests where magic is for everyone.

In 2007, Disney opened Cinderella’s castle for same-sex weddings, even though at that time same-sex marriages were illegal in a lot of places. Of course, the venue was open for those with a valid marriage license.

Last year, right before Pride Month, they started selling rainbow Mickey Mouse ears in Disney theme parks, called the “Mickey Mouse Rainbow Love” hat.

You rock, Disney!


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