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These DIY Cinder Block Projects Are Pretty Cool, Check Them Out

2018 is off to a pretty interesting start. After people started eating Tide Pods, it seems that trends are finally moving in a more positive direction. Meet the DIY cinder block! I mean, this isn’t much, but it’s A LOT BETTER than eating Tide Pods!

And they’re pretty cheap – most times you can buy a cinder block for less than $2. After you buy some, the sky is the limit. Just let yourself go, reader person! Decorate your pretty cinder block any way you want. And in case you need some extra inspiration, here are 16 DIY cinder block ideas, courtesy of Diply.

1. Turn your precious cinder block into a painted planter! These look super cool.


Source: Little Miss Momma

2. Use them as garden stands. Pro-tip: you can paint the insides or the outsides for a nice color contrast.


Source: 1001 Gardens

3. Need a bed platform? Use cinder blocks!


Source: Designtripper

4. In case you wanted an comfy garden bench, that can serve as a bed as well, cinder blocks are your friends.


Source: Lena Sekine

5. Number your plants.


Source: yes, please

6. The blocks are basically like LEGOs, you can arrange them in all kinds of ways. Here’s a DIY kitchen.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

7. You can combine them into creepy fire pits too!


Source: Must Add Fabric Softener

8. And all that wood you burned? You can use the blocks for storage too.


Source: tsquini |

9. Need a new cinder block entertainment stand? No problemo!


Source: Maiko Nagao

10. Or a computer desk…


Source: The Merrythought

11. Or a cement wine rack.


Source: Photos Public Domain

12. As I said, the sky is the limit with these things.


Source: DelicateCONSTRUCTION

13. You can even make yourself a cute little outdoor race track. For the child inside, you know!


Source: An idea on Tuesday

14. Home library, a nightstand, you name it…


Source: Alan Gastelum | Dwell

15. Helps with the look of the grill station too.


Source: Our Fifth House

16. And finally, this pretty cinder block bar!


Source: The Hunted Interior
Main image via Maiko Nagao | Collage image via DelicateCONSTRUCTION
From: diply

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