Some DIY Ideas You Can Pull Off But Beforehand You Need To Hit The Dollar Store

The weekend is here now and in case you don’t know what to do this weekend, we are here to offer you some ideas you can easily pull off and create different DIY projects. The list consists of different items you can create. Some of them are home decors, jewelry, different items you can use at home and so on and so forth.

All you need to do before opting for any of these DIY projects, is hitting the dollar store beforehand to buy some little items that are needed. Hop on and let us go through these DIYs.

1. DIY White board

We all are aware of the good picture frames that Dollar stores have. And, it is all worth it to buy them when you know you can turn them into outstanding white boards to use for your office. All you need is some colorful ducts tape to decorate the frame and use it as a board to write notes down in your office.

Clever Pink Pirate

The DIY project from Clever Pink Pirate offers you all the details you need to know before starting the DIY. Grab some duct tape, also, if you don’t have any you can also buy washi tape. To trim any excess tape when wrapping use a box cutter. After you are done with it, open the frame and insert a blank piece of paper. Finally, write down something you’d like to motivate you to go through the day, or something you think is right to read it every day.


Clever Pink Pirate


2. Serving tray

We all have those pizza trays in our house which we rarely use. If you have a spare one, follow this Tetertots & Jello tutorial so you can se the step-by-step process on how to turn it into an amazing and eye-catching serving tray.

Before you begin this project, measure where you will want the feet to go so they are evenly spaced. We don’t want a wobbly serving tray. Next, grab some scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. Cut your paper into strips and stick it to the pan using Mod Podge.

Tatertots & Jello

When the pan is covered and dry, you’ll want to give it a few coats of polyurethane spray. This will make it possible for you to wipe down the tray. To create the tray handles, you can use some drawer knobs by using glue and add some feet to the bottom. Ta-dah, the tray is complete now.

Tatertots & Jello


3. String art

What you need to pull off this amazing DIY project from Sister’s Suitcase is a frame which you can easily purchase from the nearest local store you have, string, push pins, and a sheet of cork. This way you will add a personal touch to your little one’s room with this amazing monogrammed string art.

My Sister’s Suitcase

All you need to do is remove the backing and glass from the frame, after that, pop in the corkboard and cut it down to size if necessary and also replace the frame backing. To make the whole process a little easier, it is recommended you use a template for your letter and stape it in the center of your corkboard. Outline the letter with push pins and add a border of push pins around the edge of the frame.

With your push pins in place, you can start wrapping your string around them. When you’re done, be sure to remove the letter template and admire your creation.

My Sister’s Suitcase


4. Animal jars

The best thing about DIY projects is when you can make use of different material to recycle them, such as baby food jars. And, this is what this DIY project from A House Full Of Sunshine is about. The materials you need are a baby food jar and a bag of small plastic animal toys.

A House Full Of Sunshine

After you purchase the plastic animals, all you need to do is glue them with strong craft glue to the lids of the jast. To make the animal jars look similar to one another, give the lids and the animals a touch using some spray paint. You can use these jars for anything you like so they are all in one place.

A House Full Of Sunshine


5. Wearable terrarium

We hit the dollar store so often and we end up seeing different items there which we don’t even know what they are used for. However, with a little effort and creativity, you can turn them into outstanding DIY projects, just like this one from DIY in PDX. Did you know that you can use these small bottles to create tiny wearable terrarium?


What you need for this DIY project are the bottles, pebbles and a bit of greenery to put in the bottle. All these materials can be easily found in the dollar store. Put all of the pebbles and the greenery in the bottles and add a small jewelry wire on it and you will end up with this amazing piece.



6. Citrus-printed tea towels

Adding a little of your personal touch to tea towels has done no harm to anyone, ever. And with this idea from Making Home Base offers you the coolest idea to make colorful tea towels. To add some color to plain tea towels, you are going to need to stamp them with lemon halves. You can use other citrus fruits if you’d like to vary the size of the stamps.

Making Home Base

Brush a coat of paint on your lemon half. You don’t want to add too much paint or else you’ll end up with a big paint glob. When your lemon is painted, press it onto the towel. So easy, right?

Making Home Base


7. Floral headboard

The DIY project from The Sorry Girls is so easy and so beautiful for when you want to make a floral headboard. All you are going to need is make use of flowers to make a floating headboard, but I think this project would also make for some lovely wedding decor.If you want a gradient effect, choose a few different bunches that are in the same color family with flowers that are roughly the same size.

The Sorry Girls

This first step is a little brutal, but chop the stems off all your flowers.  Once you have your blooms, use a hot glue gun to attach them to some fishing wire. The width of your bed will determine how many strands you make. When the glue is dry, you can hang up your garlands to create this dreamy effect.

We hope you liked these DIY projects by different crafters.

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Source: Diply