3 DIY Face And Hair Masks To Keep You Looking Fresh For The Summer

Are you worried that your face and hair won’t survive the high summer temperatures? I sure am, which is how I discovered Caro Losada, the NY based makeup artist who is a master of beauty masks! To keep up with her latest DIY masks, make sure you follow her on Instagram under the name ‘caro_losada’.

In addition to masks, she also posts makeup and hair tutorials. This girl sure knows it all! Check out three of our favorite beauty masks created by our very own Caro.


1. Flaxseed Mask

Pour one cup of flaxseed and three glasses of water in a pot and let it boil until it turns into a gel.


Strain the gel out of the mixture and gently apply it on your hair. Massage for a bit and let it sit for 15 minutes.


Next, take the flaxseed mixture and apply it on your face. Leave it on for 10 minutes.


Aaaand you’re done! Now your hair and skin be as flawless as Caros’.



See the process in detail:

FLAXSEED MASKS . .EVERYONE WHO LIKE AND COMMENT WOULD HAVE THE CHANCE TO WIN A SURPRISE . . Good Evening My Loves! … Today I want to share this amazing TIP to have softer hair and help your dry skin to shine and be healthy! . . You need 1 CUP/FLAXSEED & 3 CUPS/WATER . Wait until it boils and you obtain a Gel ! . STRAIN IT. ⭐️APPLY THE GEL on your hair and massage, LEAVE IT for 15 minutes. ⚡️APPLY the seeds on your face, Massage and leave for 10 minutes, and take it off !!! FINALLY TAKE A SHOWER ‍♀️ . ⭐️⭐️REMEMBER: you don’t need to use all the seeds you can keep them on a Jar and use them later!!!⭐️⭐️ . . Buenas Noches mis amores Lindos! .. hoy les quiero compartir este Truco para tener un cabello mucho más suave y brillante y una piel brillante y divina!!!⭐️❤️ Necesitan 1 TAZA/LINAZA y 3 TAZAS/AGUA. Dejen hervir hasta obtener un gel. COLAR. El Gel aplicarlo en el cabello masajeando, dejar por 15 MINUTOS. Las semillas aplíquenlas en la cara, masajeando y dejar por 10 MINUTOS. RETIRAR las semillas y TOMAR UNA DUCHA ‍♀️. .RECUERDEN: Si no usan todas las semillas, puedes guárdalas y usarlas después.❤️. . . Dirty Sexy Money – David Guerra & Afrojack ( Flighthouse Remix ). . #skincareroutine #skinfood #skintips #glowingskin #healthyskincare #hairmask #hairstyles #hairtutorial #hairtips #shorthairdontcare #hairtrends #facemask #flaxseed #gelmask #makeupjunkie #slayallday #slave2beauty @hair.artistry @hairvideodiary #hypnaughtypower #diymask #diyhairmask #allmodernmakeup #allmodernhair #hairtrends #hairtutorial

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2. Wheat Mask

Pour 2 tbs of wheat flour, 1 cup of milk and 1/2 tbs of lemon juice into a cup.


Mix thoroughly. The end product should look something like this:


Apply it on your hair using a thick brush. Leave it on for 15 minutes.


And don’t forget the face!



Check out the video below:

WHEAT MASK … WAIT … WHAT ?!!! ——————————————- – Hair Mask for brighter hair 2 TBSP / Wheat Flour , 1 cup / Milk , 1/2 TBSP / Lemon Juice Mix all the ingredients together and apply to your hair ( with wet hair is so much easier to apply it ! TRUST ME ! ) leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash with shampoo and conditioner – Face Mask 1 TBSP / Wheat Flour , 1/2 cup / Milk or water , 1/2 TBSP / Lemon Juice WARNING ! ❌ Change the Lemon for Honey if you are allergic or if you are gonna do this mask in the MORNING ‼️ ! Apply the mix to your face and leave for about 15 minutes, wash it off with cold and warm water This would help you a lot if you have open pores, black heads and oily skin ——————————————– – Mascarilla : Cabello más brillante! 1 Cucharada / Harina de maíz , 1/2 taza / Leche , 1/2 Cucharada / Jugó de limón. Mezcla los ingredientes. Aplícalo en tu pelo ( para mejores resultados que este húmedo el cabello ! Lo digo por experiencia propia ! ❤) – Mascarilla : Piel! 2 Cucharadas / Harina de maíz , 1 taza / Leche , 1/2 Cucharada / Jugó de limón. CUIDADO ! ❌ Cambia el jugo de limón por miel si vas a hacer la mascarilla de día y sales al sol ! ‼️ ! Aplicarla mezcla en la cara ! Dejar por 15 minutos y lavar con agua fría y tibia Te ayudará a cerrar los poros abiertos, quitar los puntos negros y disminuye l piel grasa .

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3. Moringa Mask

Mix 1 tbsp of lentil powder, Moringa 4 tablets and water into a cup.


Mix until you get a subtle texture.


Apply it all over your face using a brush. Leave it on for 15 minutes.


Sit down, relax and enjoy that glow.



See the video to get a fuller view:

Hulk Mask ? … just Kidding It is Moringa !! ————————————————— Do you like super heroes ? …. my favorite one is hulk ! . You would need • 4 Tablets / Moringa • 1 TBSP / Lentil Powder • Water _____________________________________________________ Mix all the ingredients together. Apply it to your face with a brush, leave it for 15 minutes.⏰ Take it off with hands and wash your face with cold water •••This mask would help you to have brighter, Soft, Smooth and Vibrant skin ⭐️••• ————————————————— Mascarilla de Hulk ? … Jaja Mentiras es Mascarilla de Moringa! ¿Cual es tu superhéroe favorito ? … el mío es Hulk Necesitarás:• 4 Tabletas de Moringa • 1 Cucharada de Polvo de lentejas • Agua ______________________________________________________ Mezclar todos los ingredientes y aplicar en la cara con una brocha. Dejar por 15 minutos ⏰, retirar con las manos y lavar tu cara con agua fría !! Te ayudará a tener la piel más suave, liviana, Brillante y DIVINA !!!⭐️ —————————————

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