Summer’s An Issue For Your Hair And Skin? Not With These DIY Masks!

Face masks are being used worldwide. And they are being used for different reasons because the benefits a good face mask has are large and various. Some people use it simply for relaxation, and there are people who have inserted face masks on their daily, nightly or even weekly routines. It all depends on what kind of reason you decide to use a face mask. Face masks, first, help you hydrate and smoothen your skin, they unclog pores, remove the dead cells, and leave your skin glowing. And the feeling they provide is irresistible.

Sometimes people make their own face masks, but there are also ready-made masks available for sale in different kind of shops.

Caro Losada is a beauty blogger who shares on Instagram different types of makeup/beauty tips. She has shared with the audience a list of DIY masks, along with the tutorials on how she makes and uses them.

This first mask is made for people with dry skin, and it also helps with removing blackheads and pimple scars.


What you need to make the face mask is hot water, 3 bags of Green Tea, 1/2 cup milk, and one bag of gelatine.


At the end, you wash it away with water.


See the tutorial on how she does it:

This second face mask is for the damage summer may cause to your skin and hair.


What she uses is chia seeds, water, aloe vera, and honey.


See how she uses it on her hair and skin:

This other DIY mask is also for both hair and skin.


She uses aloe vera, strawberries, and conditioner.


And, yes, it does look like pudding.

But no! Do. Not. Eat. The. Mask!


Source: Caro_losada