16 DIY Ideas That Are Simply Pointless

There is a limitless number of DIY ideas on the Internet. For almost everything and anything that you could possibly think of. Many of those creative and crafty ideas can be life-saving, but some of them… not so much. Unfortunately, there are some DIY ideas that are completely unnecessary and pointless. But, they still ended up on the internet so they have to be pointed out!

Diply compiled a list of 16 pointless, useless, and weird DIY ideas.

1. This phone charger turned hair tie

There are plenty small and cute things on the Internet and in the shops for you to buy in order to tie your hair. This is definitely not one of them.


Pinterest | Allison Schneck

2. This backpack with way too many bells on it

Although it is jingle bells time, you don’t want to be the center of attention in the school halls.


Tumblr |

3. A bird wall mural made out of pistachio shells

The idea is not that bad, but pistachio shells?


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4. These spoons made out of seashells

No, this is not the silverware that Ariel used underwater. But, since regular and proper is boring…


Pinterest | Sweet Paul Magazine

5. This pair of crocs that doubles as a flower pot

But, why? A simple jar would do the trick.


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6. This soccer player stool

Well, this is beyond creepy and weird.


Reddit | @TaffleBottom

7. This “upcycled” cheese grater earring holder

It is supposed to be in the kitchen. Painting your cheese grater and gluing flowers to the handle looks like a lot of effort for nothing. Instead, you should just purchase a simple jewelry box.


Pinterest | Diane Hoffmaster

8. These little knitted beanies for your eggs

If the idea isn’t to warm them up until they hatch so you can have a live chicken instead of a hard-boiled egg, forget it.


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9. This poop emoji-inspired number two pencil

There is simply no need. It makes the eraser useless, it’s a lot more difficult to hold and the joke is not funny.


Pinterest | Paging Supermom

10. This hollowed out book, “perfect” for storing your phone while it charges

We all need a storage for the phone while it is charging for only half an hour. Not.


Pinterest | Rachel {1Crazy House Tips}

11. This new and (not) improved seashell lined bathroom sink

Where oh where is she going to keep the soap now?! This will be so difficult to clean once toothpaste and strands of hair start getting stuck in it.


Reddit | @Misvier

12. These decals for the inside of your dresser drawers

Apparently, you have to leave your drawers open all the time for this one to make sense.


Pinterest | Antique Oriental Rugs by Doris Leslie Blau

13. These tiny books

Well, since good old regular-sized books are really boring and dull, this is probably your best option.


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14. This guitar repurposed into a plant shelf

The ultimate DIY hack for tone-deaf music haters.


Pinterest | ReFab Diaries | Candice C.

15. This cinder block bedside table

What’s wrong with a simple wooden frame that is easy to make?


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16. These rocks painted as watermelon slices

The question that pops up is, what the heck are these used for?!


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Source: diply