Doctor’s Decision To Write Name On His Cap Might Have Changed Medicine Forever

One Sydney-based doctor apparently made one simple change that has made a huge impact on surgery, but his move did not concern medicine at all.

So, what did he do?

The anesthetist wrote his name on his scrub cap to avoid mix-ups in the operating theatre. Dr. Rob Hackett’s simple move has inspired many medics across the globe to do the same. This action reduces the chance of delays and miss-identification between colleagues when in the operating room, as shared by LadBible.

“There were some side remarks, like ‘can’t you remember your name?'”, Dr. Hackett told the Daily Mail.

“When you work across four or five hospitals and with hundreds of people, I’d say 75 percent of staff I walk past I don’t know their name. It’s quite awkward. Last Friday I went to a cardiac arrest in a theatre where there were about 20 people in the room. I struggled to even ask to be passed some gloves because the person I was pointing to thought I was pointing to the person behind them.”

Can you imagine how much time is lost when clinicians can’t remember the names of other people in the operating room? In this way, medical students will also not be mistaken for real surgeons.

After Dr. Hackett’s move, other doctors started doing the same and showed support. It became popular through the #TheatreCapChallenge hashtag. The surgical staff from Australia, the UK, US, South America, and Europe all got involved.

They all look so happy that something this simple has changed medicine forever!

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Source: Ladbible