Doctors Found Over 100 Parasites In Woman’s Eyelashes

Can you imagine going to the doctor and hearing you have parasites living on your body? One Chinese woman never thought she would hear that after she went to the doctor. The woman, only known as Ms Xu, decided to seek treatment for her eyes because they were itching badly. It is believed that she only used eye drops to treat her condition. The rest of the story is more than shocking.

You would think that cleaning is not that important, but in this case, it proved of crucial importance for this woman. She allegedly used the same unwashed pillowcase since 2012! Can you believe it? Doctors dropped their jaws as well.

Ms Xy went to the doctors because her eyes were red and itchy. She seeked help in the Central province of Hubei hospital.

The doctors told her that she has more than 100 parasites living in her eyelashes.

Unbelievably, the woman had lived with the condition for more than two years. She just used over-the-counter eye drops to treat this issue.


However, the problem suddenly worsened and she ended up with crusty deposits on her eyelashes that her eyelids stuck together.


As you may imagine, doctors were shocked to find over 100 eyelash mites on her eyelids.

One Chinese news website states that one single follicle had a colony of ten eyelash mites.


This was all due to her not washing the pillow case as well as a lack of air flow in her bedroom. In this way,. the woman has allowed for the mites to build up and become harmful to her life.

Doctors eventually diagnosed her with blepharitis and conjunctivitis, inflammation of the base of the eyelashes and of the eye.

As the Chinese media stated, this woman was more than lucky. She reportedly made a full recovery after treatment.

Source: 9gag

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