Talented Shiba Inu Creates Abstract Art And His Paintings Are Even On Sale

Ever thought dogs can paint? Me neither, but I guess we’ll have to think again. Take the story of a dog from Canada that we’re going to show you, you’ll be left totally speechless.

Hunter, a 5-year-old Shiba Inu from Alberta, Canada, has learned how to paint abstract masterpieces. His owners, Kenny Au and Denise Lo discovered Hunter’s talent when they were looking for some new things to keep their smart pup entertained.

dog creates abstract art
Shiba Art Online

However, creating art is not the only thing that their intelligent dog can do.  Hunter also likes solving children’s puzzles and exploring new hiking routes. Anyways, it seems that he is more into painting lately.

Here’s a glimpse from his latest painting:

Source: Shiba Art Online

His owners explain that, although their dog doesn’t paint every day when he wants to paint he stares at them and starts barking:

When he first learned it, he wanted to do it all the time. But we make sure we switch things up often so he doesn’t overdo himself or get bored. With painting, we’ve incorporated it into his daily routine and he seems to love having a job. It makes him more calm throughout the day.

dog creates abstract art
Shiba Art Online

They also added that:

Like all dog tricks and activities, Hunter is being rewarded to perform certain motions. When he learns a new trick, however, he is very visibly proud of himself, so it isn’t just the treat that motivates him.

Apparently, Hunter enjoys being placed in different environments and learning new things, especially after struggling with it.  And his owners think that is something that both an artist and a doggo can share.

dog creates abstract art
Shiba Art Online

Since people like Hunter’s paintings, his owners decided to start an Instagram page for him. The couple also donated some paintings to their local dog shelter ‘Second Chance Animal Rescue Society’ in order to raise money.


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