Dogs Instead Of Grandchildren? It Sure Worked For These Two!

Some parents aren’t too pleased when it comes to taking care of their children’s pets, but the story of one daughter who left her dog with her father when she had to travel to New York City turned out to be one of the most heartwarming tales in 2017, with social media users commenting dogs can almost be like grandchildren.

Around Christmastime last year, Meghan Specksgoor had no one to leave her 4-year-old dog with when she had to visit NYC, so she turned to her dad for help since he and Chance always got along well, BoredPanda writes.

“They usually get along great,” Meghan reveals. “Chance is allowed to do whatever he wants with my dad – like an actual grandchild – and is given all sorts of treats the whole time he’s with him.”

And what a treat for all of us this turned out to be. Meghan decided to upload everything that Chance and her dad did together while she was away, and the story quickly received over 150K likes. Check it out.

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When Meghan Specksgoor had to go a trip to NYC last year, she decided to leave her dog Chance with her father


“My dad is babysitting Chance this weekend, someone please get this man a grandchild,” she wrote at the time


But while she was in New York City, she started getting updates from grandpa and his granddog


The two buddies went on a lot of adventures and Chance got many tasty treats


If Meghan was having half as much fun in NYC as Chance and grandpa did, she would’ve had a heck of a trip


Meghan and Chance reunited


The internet loved the story and Twitter users gave the concept ‘more dogs instead of grandchildren’ serious thought






What did you think? Have you left your parents in charge of a pet before? Would you? Let us know!

Source: boredpanda