This Dog Hated Getting Its Nails Clipped, Until A Wild Dad Appeared

Have you ever wondered what a dog hates the most? Well, going to the vet is definitely number one, but getting their nails clipped is a strong number two.

And today’s story, courtesy of Pxhere, provides strong evidence for the latter. Naturally, it involves one grumpy dog and its owner – Kendal Peifer. Kendal soon learned just how much her doggo hates getting its nails clipped – you would hate it too if you had to cut your nails with huge scissors! After a period of unpleasantness and loud growls, Kendal had to call her dad to the rescue.

And what he came up with is ingenious: it involved Kendal’s old purse and a chin-up bar.

In fact, the trick was so effective that the two had to share their solution online:

Photos: Pixabay / Nature_Blossom; Twitter / KendalPeifer

This lovely old purse had to be, ahem, modified, for the dog to have its manicure.


Source: pxhere

People were impressed by her dad’s brilliant idea. Kendal’s tweet garnered more than 336,000 likes and over 85,000 retweets!

The cute little dog finally got the experience it deserved. Look at its satisfied little face.


Source: Pexels / Pixabay

Once the dad transformed the purse into a harness, it was time to put the doggo in it.


Source: Twitter / KendalPeifer

It was a snug fit, and people everywhere were melting down of cuteness overload.


Source: Twitter / KendalPeifer

“This is the best thing I’ve seen all day,” a person wrote, with another saying “Your dad is a genius and must be protected at all costs.”


Source: Wikimedia / Senior Airman Ashlee Galloway

Clip, clip, away the claw goes, as doggo woahs.


Source: Pixabay / Nature_Blossom

Admittedly, the hack wouldn’t work on all dogs:

Others expressed amazement, and well deserved amazement, I say!

I guess this is one more proof that dads are secretly geniuses! Go go dads! The dogs will love you!


Source: pxhere

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