Dog Leads Ambulance Through Alleyways To Get To His Owner Who Had Collapsed

It’s been said before, and it will continue to be said forever because it’s true: a dog is a man’s best friend. Dogs love you unconditionally, whether you’re rich or poor, sick or healthy. They get extremely excited to see you every single time, even if you’ve been gone for a few minutes. They make the best cuddle buddies, the best walking companions, and they’ve even been known to save their owners’ lives – and I’m not just referring to guide dogs.

Here is a story to prove that: After a man collapsed in a small alleyway in Yuncheng, Shanxi province in China and ambulances were called, the man’s faithful dog took matters into his own hands, or well paws, to make sure that medical assistance would successfully make its way to his owner.

Dashcam footage from the ambulance shows the moment the Golden Retriever is waiting in the middle of the road for the ambulance to come, and when he sees them he begins running, leading the way and encouraging the medics to follow him.

One of the medical assistants, Jiang Xum said, “After making sure we were following it, the dog then picked up speed and started running.” He also added that the dog kept continuously looking back to make sure the ambulance was still following close behind.

Apparently, the owner had been collecting bottles at a neighbor’s house when he fell to the ground in the tight alleyway. According to Jiang, he had collapsed from drinking too much, and is now being treated in the hospital and being looked after by his son.

Watch the video of the faithful little pupper below:

Source: 9Gag

Our pets are not the only ones who get attached to their owners, as the same thing also applies to the humans who own a pet. As a matter of fact, a psychologist says that we can get so attached to our animal friends that if we were to lose them the grief we feel is very similar to if we’d lost a member of our family. So, he suggests we need to be more understanding towards people who lose a pet. Read more about that here.


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