This Dog Is Already Perfect, But It Really Enjoys Doing Makeup

Well, you don’t see this every day, and probably for good reason! I mean, what’s the purpose of putting makeup on a dog? It’s not like anything will stick on that wooly, soft, fluffy face! And yet, people try.

Meet Allie & Indy, the two adorable golden retrievers who are taking social media by storm. The initial video of one of the dogs doing makeup was uploaded to Instagram, where it garnered almost half a million views, before it was shared on Facebook too – going truly viral!

And for good reason!

I mean, this dog may be perfect, and no amount of makeup will add anything to that, but look at how pleased it is by the attention. This dog looks genuinely happy! It almost makes me want to start applying makeup on myself, and I’m a guy!

Clocking in at just 30 seconds, the video is short but effective. And it really makes us beg the question:

Why put makeup on something so perfect?

Going under the name of @allieandindy, this adorable, happy puppy family is one of the best accounts for dog lovers on Instagram. They have hundreds of posts, and believe me – all of them are cute!

Speaking of which… I have three cats. Time for some makeup, my little tigers!

Source: allieandindy

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