Doing The Right Thing? This Brave Young Woman Will Die Fighting Cancer

Well, sometimes life makes you laugh, but other times it just makes your eyes swell up with tears. This is one such story. We dedicate today’s article to a brave 28-year-old woman who decided to raise awareness of cancer – even in her final days.

Hailing from the West Midlands, Amy Redhead suffered unexpected abdominal pains one day, The Daily Mail reports. Discovering she had a weird lump in her stomach, she was soon sent for testing, which confirmed her greatest fears. Amy had an especially aggressive form of cancer, which had affected her liver. After the doctors made a generous estimation of her life at first, the truth turned out to be much worse.

Amy only had a couple of months to live. She refused chemotherapy and decided to dedicate her final days talking to people on social media, trying to raise awareness. Trying to make people avoiding her destiny.

A previously healthy, beautiful girl, Amy was suddenly diagnosed with bowel cancer.


She was soon transferred to a hospice, where she’s using social media to raise awareness.


Now 28, young Amy is sharing the photos of her final days in order to warn others of the terrible disease.


She and her family hope that their activity on social media will encourage other people to get checked. Amy’s sister, Emily, who’s 22, said:

“Amy is so stubborn and it was no surprise when she refused chemotherapy, the doctors had already told us it would only give us more time. She said she’d rather have less time and feel healthier in herself so that’s what she chose to do.”

Then, she added:

‘We’re so grateful to have celebrated her birthday, Christmas, New Year and our dad, Robert’s, 76th birthday together. Amy has shared her story on social media throughout her ordeal but now she’s not well enough to do so for herself anymore, we’re doing it for her. We’re sharing the photos of her in the hospice from the past few days to show others the physical impact bowel cancer has on the body.”

“We are so proud of the fight she’s put up for the last few months, she has been so brave but she has said she’s ready to die now and no longer be in pain,” her sister said.

Emily, the sister of Ms Redhead, says the illness taught them to never take family time for granted.


Amy, pictured here with dad Robert and sister Emily, turned down chemotherapy because she wanted to spend her final months as healthy as possible.


Amy has already planned her funeral, and created a memory box so her family can soothe their pain after she’s gone.

Since she was 11, she had been diagnosed what’s known as colitis – an inflammation of the inner linings of the intestine. Doctors warned her family since then that she had a higher risk of being diagnosed with bowel cancer. This made the young Ms Redhead follow a healthy life. Her sister, Emily, said:

‘Amy was fit and enjoying the gym just weeks before she was diagnosed. We don’t know whether she first blamed her symptoms on her colitis but we want people to be aware of any changes if you have the condition.”

She added:

“It’s important that those with the illness keep on top of their regular checks. If something feels different or you have an unusual pain then get it checked, as it could have saved Amy’s life.”


Before the illness, Amy was hitting the gym regularly and kept herself fit.


The young woman looked and felt her very best.


“Our parents, Lynn, 63, and Robert, have always told us not to argue when we’d have silly rows as we’d only have each other once they were gone,” her sister said.

Ultimately, she concluded:

“Amy’s diagnosis has made me realise how important siblings are and to never take the little things for granted. She’s still fighting at the moment and we’ll be there with her when she takes her final breath.”

Finally, Ms Redhead stopped all of her medication last week. She is taken care of in Primrose Hospice in Bromsgrove.

What would you have done? Have you done your medical check this year? Do you know someone who can be inspired by this story?

Our hearts and minds go to Amy Redhead, the brave young woman who warned millions of people, and probably saved some lives while losing hers.

Source: Dailymail