These Two Dollar Store Ingredients Will Help You Get Rid Of Carpet Stains

Walking into a tidy home with no kids around is probably the most satisfying thing for a parent, but just how often does this happen? You guessed it – almost never! Many people nowadays choose the no-carpet options only because of their greatest nightmare – carpet stains.

Feeling fearful of carpet stains does not help you solve the issue, though, and neither does removing the carpet. So, what can you really do? Not to mention that you are tired of trying out new cleaning methods and spending your savings on them. You are tired of that! Can I tell you a secret? All you need to do is go to that nearest dollar store as the solution includes two simple ingredients that you may even have at home already.

Imagine a morning with your toddler who has just started trying out food. Or even better, a wine night with your girlfriends. Soon, your carpet if full of stains and you have a headache. In the past, you might have spent hundreds of dollars on the “most effective” removal solution – now, you can simply calm down and just rely on these two simple ingredients. Best news? You probably have them in your kitchen cabinet.

It’s a simple mixture of baking soda and vinegar! Voila!

In a test conducted by Instructables user 7-Factories, they found that these two ingredients can make even year-old carpet stains completely vanish. Wow!

What to do?

To get started, fill a spray bottle with a 50/50 vinegar-water mixture. Then, coat the stains with a good amount of baking soda. It’s very important to cover the area entirely to get the best results.

After a while, your carpet will start looking like a winter wonderland and this is when you grab your vinegar-water bottle. Give it a little shake and spray it directly onto the baking soda. You will probably notice some “volcanic” bubbling, so be sure that there is no one around, especially your kids.


It’s time to relax now! Watch some Netflix, cook a delicious dinner, and return in a few hours. At this point, the mixture should have turned into a paste. If it hasn’t, spray a bit more vinegar and water.

Next, start scrubbing the surface. When ready, the potion will flake off when you run some bristles across it. Are you ready for a sneak peek of your new carpet? It’s time to vacuum now!

Watch the whole video for more details. It doesn’t get easier than this. Good luck!

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Source: tiphero

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