She’s A Dominican Beauty And YouTube Named Her Their Most Watched Woman Of 2017!

If Dominican singer Natti Natasha hasn’t caught your eye yet, there’s a really big chance that you definitely will sooner or later. The “Muy Caliente” artist recently won the prestigious title of YouTube’s most watched woman of 2017!

Check out the video below to hear her amazing voice while she plays “Finish the Song”:

Source: Telemundo Entretenimiento

Her latest song, ‘Criminal,’ featuring Ozuna, skyrocketed to the top of all the charts, dethroning last year’s song of the summer, ‘Despacito,’ by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee for the number #1 spot on the charts.


I was starting to think that ‘Despacito’ would never stop playing everywhere I go, so it must be that ‘Criminal’ is such a good song to be capable of replacing it as YouTube’s top tune.


‘Criminal’ is also sung in Spanish just like ‘Despacito,’ with a super catchy chorus, but I don’t think it’s the music that’s bringing everyone together to watch the music video. I mean, have you SEEN Natti Natasha?

She’s flat out gorgeous and has awesome dance moves that go along perfectly with her sexy voice. She’s like a mixture of Rihanna and Penelope Cruz, but in some way, still hotter.

And don’t worry, she’s not a one-hit wonder, either. Her single ‘Amantes de Una Noche’ was released in January and amassed over 200 million views.


Natasha strips down to a pink bikini in the opening scenes of the video, so I’m guessing millions of people ended up hitting the replay button a couple of times before actually watching the entire video.

She’s no stranger to sexy and revealing outfits. Her Instagram account features enticing clothing and provocative looks, gaining her over 2.4 million followers on the social media platform. Even in a pantsuit, she still rocks it! How many women can you think of that can rock a blazer like this?


The 31-year-old has actually been on the music scene for quite a while, and was given plenty of time to perfect her act. She first gained notoriety back in 2012 when she collaborated with Don Omar for the Latin tropical pop song ‘Dutty Love.’


In addition, she also released her own debut album titled All About Me, and says that artists such as Bob Marley, Jerry Rivera and Lauryn Hill are her inspirations.

Guess what? She even has yet another song that’s taking over the charts, called ‘Tonta’ featuring Rakim and Ken-Y. She provides her vocals in the song and is obviously the main attraction in the video, dressed in an insanely seductive high slit semi-transparent floor length dress, with black lingerie underneath that’s clearly visible.


Natti is going places and is slated to be the next big thing! On YouTube especially, she already is, so it’s only a matter of time before she’s making headlines around the globe. Whether it be for her sexy looks or her catchy Latino dance songs, everyone will know her name.


Maybe you’ve already seen it, but I know you probably want to watch it again, so here’s the music video for ‘Criminal’ that handed Natti the crown as the most watched woman on YouTube.

The song is making its way up through the top of the charts and is being played on radio stations and clubs everywhere, however it’s the music video you need to see, and I don’t blame you if you watch it twice!

Source: Pina Records
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