A Donut Company Sent A Scary Clown To Deliver Donuts

We live in a world where the competition is fierce but there is a market for everything. While some companies fight to sell their products unsuccessfully, others tend to think out of the box and go above and beyond to be successful and unique.

Delivering donuts to our homes is one of the best things that has happened to humanity. But, can you believe that someone had the nerve to combine something so pure with something so evil like a scary clown? The Hurts Donut company has started delivering donuts using a sharp-toothed clown who holds balloons and it is not any less creepy than Pennywise from IT.


Source: Facebook | Hurts Donut – Springfield MO

Admit it, you are already thinking about pranking your friends by having some donuts delivered to their doorstep by the said clown, but you have to live in a certain part of the United States where the company operates. Initially working out of Springfield, Missouri, Hurts Donut’s 24-hour service offering handmade donuts with quirky toppings has been such a hit that business is fast expanding and they have already spread to five other states, with more planned to come soon.

Husband-and-wife owners Tim and Kas Clegg admit they’ve made a real killing this past Halloween with their clown delivery. Although they have used creepy clowns before, the success of the new IT movie might have had something with the service’s popularity.


Source: Facebook | Hurts Donut – Springfield MO

The owners’ original intention was to have two stores open within five years; after 37 months in business, they already had nine locations


Source: Facebook | Hurts Donut – Springfield MO

The Cleggs and their co-owner Scott Bussard want their company to be “a big family” with a strong relationship with the communities they operate in.

Much in line with their style, they have repurposed some ambulance vans called ‘Emergency Donut Vehicles’ and used them to sell donuts for charity. In Iowa, they managed to raise $28,000 for the families of two local policemen killed in action.


Source: Facebook | Hurts Donut – Springfield MO

So… wanna Hurts Donuts?

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