12+ ‘Dramatic’ Fails Which Were Eye-Witnessed By People

I bet once in your life you have had those fails when just thinking of them makes you wanna move to Mexico, change your name into Maria Rosalita Fernandez (I don’t even know if this is a real name, anyway…) We feel so embarrassed and all that’s left for us to do is ignore the thought of it. I mean, as the saying goes, ‘Ignorance is bliss’ so, we might as well.

You might have been the only person around when you had to go through any of those fails, but sometimes, just sometimes the ‘room’ might have been filled with people and took a picture while at it. *Thank you, I honestly didn’t want to have that moment captured*- probably the embarrassed person. This is the only time that the saying mentioned above about ignorance cannot be applied… Sorry!

Cameras facing one another, McDonald sign in a Starbuck’s coffee cup, a badly designed entrance, a hanging ceiling – are only some of the fails that people had to go through and we are lucky enough to witness them together.

Now, together let us go through the tip of the iceberg of these poor people.

1. I would really like to ask this person for the number of his tattoo artist. I really like the resemblance! Wonder if he was addicted to God of War.

Source: © d1mkin.d / pikabu


2. I bet the lady didn’t know she’s gonna go through this.

Source: © sailorolezera / twitter


3. This has happened to me too, I feel the pain!

Source: © charguyblue / reddit


4. Make up your mind! Is it Starbucks or McDonald’s?

Source: © Cheyanne84 / reddit


5. So much about security! I don’t feel worried at all.

Source: © Kaikoz / reddit


6. Ignorance was for sure not ‘bliss’ in this one! I mean, how does one ignore the stairs, HELLOOO…

Source: © alexm626 / pikabu


7. How exactly am I supposed to use this soap dispenser?

Source: © FowelBallz / reddit


8. Hmm… I’d be done in this one but I still have 7 pictures on my way!

Source: © TheBootleggedPotato / reddit


9. Is this when insurance kicks in?

Source: © Hellrider91 / pikabu


10. This is when your ceiling is literally feeling down…

Source: © CosmicKeys / reddit


11. “So I woke up at 7AM to a car coming into my house, about 5 feet from where I sleep.”

Source: © dragonbringerx / reddit


12. I’d love to say, ‘I hope no one got hurt.’

Source: © 134282 / reddit


13. I’m so curious to know what happened there!

Source: © Thatguywhosme / reddit


14. Heels before anything else…

dramatic fails

Source: © arthik / pikabu


15. Quite a romantic place and background for a romantic snap…

dramatic fails

Source: © eluniversal.com

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