Dramatic Make Up Transformations Boost These Women’s Confidence

Meet Anar Agakishkiev, the makeup artist and hair stylist from Georgia. She is known for her incredible makeup transformations – helping her clients look way younger. With more than 1.2m followers on her Instagram account, she helps many women our there to banish dark circles and wrinkles.

However, hold on since this is not all that she does, as we mentioned transformations at the beginning of the article, this artist is inspiring ladies born with face birthmarks and severe skin diseases to look at their best and boost their confidence. Nevertheless, applying makeup or not, these women look absolutely amazing.

Here’s one of the transformations she did:

She captioned: “Everyone is unique. And this uniqueness can have minor defects. I think, no one should be shy because of them! My dear friend @uzman_dr_vugar_alakbarov, this video I dedicate to you. I closed these minor defects for several hours, but you Inshallah will remove them forever soon after grandiose project! Dear @hudabeauty, in today’s video I used all your goods. They are simply unique!”

The end result after the makeup artist working on her makeup techniques…

She came into this wonderful look.

See the procedure yourself:

Is it just me or does this model looks like Sophie Turner from Game Of Thrones? Oh, and btw, I love the freckles.

And here’s the transformation:

Take a look at this absolutely stunning lady getting her face done by another beautiful lady.

She usually shares snaps of her most impressive makeup transformations, like this one:

Life has its own obstacles. We need to accept them and move on. Today I did everything I could for this beautiful woman. Dear @hudabeauty, finally I had an opportunity to use your super mega ultra perfect powder. It’s incredible light. It covers absolutely everything” she wrote.

She looks like the other well famous makeup artist – Huda Beauty to me, don’t argue with me on this one!

I can’t decide which one was my favorite, so I’ll simply go with the three of them.


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Source: Anar_agakishiev