This Is Why You Should Dress Nicely On A Plane

Many people choose to be comfortable while flying, but there are some people who like to dress their best before boarding a flight. But, did you know that this way you could end up with a friendlier flying experience?
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It may sound unbelievable but, one of the more offensive things you can do to a flight attendant is showing up at the ticket counter dressed like you are about to go to the gym or on the beach.

A writer with Insider, Sophie Claire-Hoeller, shares her recent experience with one flight attendant. According to Sophie, the airline employee expressed his gratitude for smartly-dressed passengers because “no one does that anymore.” Dressing beautifully, will not only bring you compliments but it can also get you an unexpected upgrade. Kate Linder is Unated Airlines flight attendant who in an interview with the New York Times confirms that.

“I will say that when I see someone come on the plane and they’re dressed nicely and their children are dressed nicely, I do take notice,” she said.

After being chosen out of a group of passengers for a first-class upgrade, George Hobica, who is a founder of Airfare Watchdog, he realized that he was the only one at the gate who wasn’t wearing “sandals or gym clothes.” He asked a Lufthansa gate agent what did she think about that.
“She told me she would upgrade people based on how good-looking they are, how pregnant they are, or how nicely they’re dressed,” Hobica said.


Even though it seems that it is not fair, they would rather place passengers in first class if they look pretty presentable and nicely dressed.

The United Airlines came under attack for implementing a policy on a flight from Denver to Minneapolis. According to a fellow passenger, two young girls wearing gray spandex pants were told that they couldn’t board their plane if they didn’t make “adjustments” to their outfits. After the story went viral, it caught the attention of some celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Patricia Arquette, who railed the airline for enforcing its bizarre policy.

Apparently, the passengers were flying on what is called a “United Pass”. That is a privilege that is only given to friends and family members of United Airlines employees. And, according to the airline, the rules state that these passengers won’t be allowed to board if they are wearing spandex leggings.


Source: Tiphero