A Driver’s Facebook Post Becomes A Hit On The Internet

The Internet has become the place where you find or share absolutely everything nowadays. Occasionally it’s a post that will change someone’s (or many people’s) life, but most of the time, it’s random stuff. And quite often, we’re looking at some genius, pure, raw humor that’s intense enough to get us through the whole day.
What seems to be just an ordinary day for one Croatian man has turned to be a hit on the Internet.

Have you ever had the chance to get a glimpse of the humor in this part of the world? People coming from the countries that used to be part of Yugoslavia have this crisp, self-deprecating approach to funny things and it’s often a delight to be in their company. Which is why this went viral, translated and numerous people tried to make it pass as their own joke.

But it was Boro Bilic, a Croatian driver that gave birth to this, when he posted a hilarious message on Volkswagen Club Croatia’s Facebook site:

“This morning, in my car, a man on a toilet appeared on the screen, does anyone know what it’s about? I called the shop, they hung up on me.”

The weather in some parts of Croatia is below zero these days and this is how a joke can turn into an internet sensation.

When you look at the ‘-4 degrees Celsius’ sign, it does actually look like a person sitting on a toilet, having some trouble after a holiday feast, doesn’t it?
Foto: Printscreen/ Twitter
Source: kurir

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