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How To Properly Dry, Detangle, And Treat Curly Hair

How To Properly Dry, Detangle, And Treat Curly Hair

Detangling curly hair

Hello to all my curlies out there; hello to your struggles in maintaining your curly hair too! Since you are here, I bet you are having some ups and downs with your curls which not always ‘behave’ the way you wish for. Everyone talks about how much they love curly hair, but honestly, being a curly hair girl myself, there are times that I simply, love… to hate my hair.

Nevertheless, starting from big and loose, to tightly coiled, curly hair has always been in fashion. While, curly hair is considered by many as a blessing (being voluminous, bouncy and beautiful) on the other side curls are considered to be a curse (unruly, dry and very difficult to manage and style.)

Curly hair

Defining curls products, conditioners, curl jells, daily quenching lotion and not only are what accompany throughout their lives all my curly chicas out there, or am I wrong? I mean, the first rule for curly hair is to reduce the frizz and keep it well conditioned and how else can you achieve this without the above products? Right? Well, wrong! The mentioned above are not the only solution to your problem! I mean, these products give you immediate results but, in the long run, they will do more harm to your hair than good. And, I am sure you don’t want that!

A more preferable and suited solution is way simpler, like, how to properly dry your curls, what process you should follow to detangle them and the natural home remedies. Below you are about to learn more about what will help you tame your curls and make your hair more manageable.

How to properly dry your curly hair

You probably are aware that curls can’t be perfected in just one step. No, no, you have to work harder following an entire curly hair routine which starts with washing your hair, drying it, applying the curly hair styling products and masks whether they are homemade or not. Nevertheless, how you dry your curly hair has a big impact on whether you’ll have a good and great or bad, and nightmarish hair day. However, here’s how to dry your curls with care.

How to treat curly hair

1. Microfiber towels, the miracle worker for your curly hair

Now that you had your sweet, sweet time on the shower, you have to use a towel so you can dry your hair. According to Healthy Natural Hair Products, the use of regular cotton towels can easily cause friction and frizziness since they have a loose and dryness in texture which wicks out more moisture from the hair than it is needed. Since you want to avoid that, a microfiber towel is an alternative to the regular cotton towels. The benefits of microfiber towels are, absorbing excess moisture, it doesn’t require rubbing, it reduces frizziness and doesn’t snag on strands. You might now say goodbye to your regular towel you have been drying your hair with. 

2. Diffuse your curly hair correctly

According to Garnier, a diffuser is a must-have item in your beauty ‘arsenal’ whether you have curly hair or if that’s what you are striving for. What is a diffuser? It’s an attachment for your blow dryer that changes the air flow from a direct stream of air to a more diffused (get it?) wide circle of air.

3. Air-drying curly hair

If you are not rushing to go anywhere and you’re simply spending time chilling home then the top option for drying your hair is letting your hair dry naturally and that is avoiding the heat of the blow dryers. According to Naturally Curls, what you should strive for in this case is to make sure to apply an alcohol-free gel to hair when you get out of the shower and then don’t touch your strands until they’re completely dry.

How to detangle your curly hair

Now, in case the drying procedures you applied until now didn’t work out as you wished for, you probably got that frizziness in your head that you want to get rid of. If the story behind your curls is anything like mine then the word your life could be summed up is the Disney movie, Tangled! Together, let us say bye to the tangled hair for good. According to L’Oréal, these are the steps you should follow so you can get rid off dreaded tangles.

How to treat curly hair

1. Start with wet hair

The time, while you are showering, is the perfect time to detangle your curls. Before starting to brush your hair you might at first apply shampoo and conditioner, this will make your life easier. Though, consider that your hair is at its most fragile when it is wet so treat it gently.

2. Leave-in conditioner

So you can make the process more effortless, you might want to apply the method of spritzing on a leave-in conditioner or detangling spray.

3. Bring that wide tooth comb

The wide tooth comb will be joining you in your showers when having tangled hair since this is the best tool to detangle curly hair.

4. The ‘bottom to top’ action

Brushing your hair from top to bottom can actually cause tons of breakage. When untangling your hair, you should always start from the bottom and work your way up so that you don’t pull on it and cause damage.

Home remedies for your curly hair

I bet you are tired of people’s opinions on telling you how it is good if you shampoo your hair once a week, or how shampooing a few time a day can be good or even giving advice to you on getting a new style because your curls are acting up. Well, in this case, the best you can do is trying the kickass solutions aka home remedies which can make your hair so incredibly gorgeous, that you wouldn’t have to wonder if you end up being hailed as the next diva or fashionista! Scroll down to 3 home remedies DIY hair masks made with simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen according to Hello Glow.

How to treat curly hair

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

To define your natural curls and prevent frizzing, the best remedy is apple cider vinegar; It also is the secret of shiny hair! Combine a tablespoon of vinegar with a 1/2 cup of water and pour over damp hair. Add a couple of drops of essential oil if the smell is too much. Comb through hair, let it sit for five minutes and then rinse. The acidity in the vinegar helps seal the outermost layer of your hair, the cuticles, making it lie flat.

2. Coconut Oil

On how coconut oil can be beneficial for your hair, is that it improves healthy growth and shine of the hair, researches show. It also works for damaged hair by giving the hair the needed proteins. Especially if one is experiencing damage caused by Hygral fatigue, coconut oil proves to be a solution. It helps keep the hair dandruff-free and lice-free, and this by simply massaging the head regularly with this oil. It’s also used to tone dry hair, by simply applying an amount of warm mixture of coconut oil and lavender essential oil on the scalp at night and washing it in the morning. The procedure has to occur until results are shown.

3. Avocado

If you want to rich it up a little bit, avocado is a good solution. Avocado has a well-deserved reputation for one of nature’s perfect foods. Its oils and proteins will smooth and moisturize your locks without weighing down fine hair. Mash up half an avocado and add a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil. Shampoo hair, squeeze out water and apply a mask. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse.

You might have just discovered the cure for your hair woes! Learning to care for your hair properly can be a path to finally loving your hair. Cheers to the curly chicas!


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