The Moment When Dwyane Wade Fell On Chrissy Teigen And John Legend During His Final Game

Whenever Chrissy Teigen is, fun is. The 33-year-old American model knows how to “unconsciously” make her fans laugh in many social media moments. Remember when she slept on her husband’s shoulder during the ceremony of Oscar 2017? Oh wait, there are more. Like the umbrella incident during NBC’s New Year’s Eve?

So just recently Chrissy Teigen, her husband, and actress Gabrielle Union went at a Miami Heat basketball game to watch Union’s husband Dwyane Wade play in his final game before retiring. What makes this occasion go viral is an epic pose, in which Wade falls in the laps of Teigen and Legend. And the expression in Teigen’s face is just hilarious! Beware, for new memes are coming!

Chrissy Teigen basketball game
Photo credits: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The hilarious photo was taken by Charles Trainer Jr. for Miami Herald Sports. Just look at it:

Source: Miami Herald Sports

The worst thing about it is that they were just having their drinks at that moment. Teigen also had a response to this hilarious incident calling it “a renaissance painting”.

Source: christine teigen

Adding one more comment:

Source: christine teigen

And this is how everybody had a good laugh about it.

Source: Scott Charlton

The incident prompted plenty of hilarious tweets from many fans. One of them wrote:

Source: austin nelson

And this is how it turned into a slew of hilarious other memes.

Source: BossLogic

Source: Mike Beauvais

Source: Vanessa Vega-Rivera

Some more:

Source: Justin Redmond

Source: Andrew Hunt

Source: Makaio A.

Source: Scott Perry

Another fun moment during the game was when Union grabbed her husband’s butt.

Chrissy Teigen basketball game
Photo credits: Mark Brown/Getty Images

Thanks Chrissy for making us laugh!

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