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E-Girl & E-Boy Style Tops Google’s 2019 ‘Year in Search’

E-Girl & E-Boy Style Tops Google’s 2019 ‘Year in Search’

It looks like the popularity of e-girls and e-boys has reached its peak, as they have become the staple of 2019 culture. For those who don’t know what e-girl & e-boy means, well, the “e” stands for “electronic, obviously. Both are slang terms for active internet users, who are often stereotyped as emo-styled anime and gaming fans. So, according to different internet definitions, they’re considered a type of subculture popular on the social media app TikTok.

So, where were we? Ah, yes. It looks like the e-girl & e-boy have topped Goggle’s ‘Year in Search’ when it comes to style. Simply put, compared to 2018, e-girl and e-boy style, as well as outfit ideas, were among the top searches on Google. The fashion realm also included a few other TikTok mainstays, such as the so-called soft girls, whose signature look includes cute hair clips, pastel colors and VSCO girls, who are recognized mostly by their oversized T-shirts, scrunchies, Birkenstocks, and shell necklaces.

E-Girl & E-Boy Google search
Screenshots via @noeneubanks, @aylaprince, @xowiejones on TikTok

As for the e-girls and e-boys of the internet, their style involves bold hair colors, tons of pink blush, winged eyeliner, and tiny drawn hearts underneath their eyes. When it comes to their outfit, high-waisted mini skirts, vintage T-shirts, long-sleeve striped tops, silver chains and a few more, are what you will see them wearing.


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Top Outfit Ideas Searches

  • E-Girl outfit
  • E-Boy outfit
  • Soft girl outfit
  • Biker shorts outfit
  • VSCO girl outfit
  • Dickies outfit
  • White jeans outfit
  • Fila outfit
  • Champion outfit
  • Leather pants outfit

Top Fashion & Style Searches

  • Camp style
  • E-Girl style
  • E-Boy style
  • Steampunk style
  • Harajuku style
  • Preppy style
  • Yankii style
  • Vintage style
  • VSCO girl style
  • Emo style



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