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Easy Fixes For Annoying Tasks Around The House

Easy Fixes For Annoying Tasks Around The House

Sometimes all you need is a little hack to make your life easier with household tasks around. Feel lucky today, because we’re showing you some easy fixes to complete tasks quicker and wasting no money.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re struggling with wine storage, or lime storing, everything is in this scroll! The best thing about these hacks is that you don’t need any special equipment for the process. All you need are around-the-house supplies to put in good use!

We have rounded up some quick and easy fixes which in a way, or another will improve your life for better.

1. Save your wine for later

In case you hold back to open a bottle of wine just because you know you can’t drink it all, well pop that bottle up! With this storing hack you can open and enjoy as much wine as you want and store it in place by simply covering the bottle neck with the tip of a cleaning glove. This is how you keep wine fresh for later!

Save your wine for later 

2. Make sure you don’t spill your coffee

Late study nights and lots of coffee are very common in students’ life, or for those of you who have that really important project coming up! In case you can’t help but spill coffee every time, do this little trick that will prevent that from happening. Get yourself a wire, and shape in a paper clip metal, next remove the ACTUAL metal clip and insert the one you created. Finally, attach it to the table next where you’re sitting and now your coffee will be well put in place!

 Make sure you don't spill your coffee

3. Prevent a broken charger cord from more damage

Don’t give up on your favorite charger cord just because it has gone through some ripping and damage. Instead, get some yarn and wrap the broken area to secure it in place. Now your charger will enjoy a much longer life!

Prevent a broken charger cord from more damage

4. Rice bag storing

You may have noticed insects and bugs crawling in your rice and grains. But, there are a thing or two you can do to ensure your rice is bug-free. Learn this method you can do by using the top of a cut water bottle and inserting around the opened rice bag, applying heat all around at the end to stick it well. Now you can close it down by simply adding the water bottle cap! It’s that easy.

Rice bag storing

5. Finger protector from cutting

No more worrying about cutting your fingers while slicing the vegetables for you favorite salad. Instead, let’s do some recycling by using a small bended part of a plastic bottle and an elastic band. Wear it on your fingers and start slicing like a pro!

 Finger protector from cutting

With these easy fixes all you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy the time you saved by adapting these hacks. Find more in the video above and save some more time!

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