Easy Step By Step Makeup Tutorials Perfect For Nights Out

Don’t you all love the power of makeup? YES, me too. I feel 10 times more confident while wearing makeup. Not that I don’t look good without it. I mean, every girl looks just stunning without wearing any. I just love the whole procedure of doing my makeup, and the finish look makes me feel at peace and appreciative of the skills I have. In my opinion, all makeup lovers spend more time appreciating that final look in front of the mirror, than the time the whole process actually takes to achieve it.

Vanity Makeup, an educator and influencer with 1.3m followers on Instagram, is just another artist that shows us how magical makeup actually is. With the full facial tutorials, she offers so many ideas that you might want to apply next Friday or any time you decide to have a night out.

You may want to scroll down to see some of her best makeup looks:

She looks just mesmerizing without wearing any makeup.

But a little, OR A LOT OF makeup hurt no one until now (of course, as long as you use the right products.)

Fleeky, fleeky.

She doesn’t hold back to offer you the whole process:

Another look of Vanity Makeup:


Admiring that flawless eyeshadow.


Shape those eyebrows.


Now, this is the final look.

Enjoy the video, and why not try it as well:

This is the last one, FOR NOW.


Contouring game on.


WOW… Mesmerized with this makeup!

Enjoy the video and take into consideration the advice of Vanity Makeup:

If you haven’t already followed her on Instagram, time to do it now and scroll down for some of her makeup!

Source: Vanitymakeup

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