Easy And Effective Methods To Stretch Your Too-Tight Shoes

We have all been there! I am talking about the moment you buy that pair of shoes you always dreamed of, but for some reason, they seem to be awfully tight after you have tried them for a while. Worry not, as this is not something we should worry much about. Before you act Anastasia or Drizella-ish, or you sacrifice yourself and let your feet bleed to death, there are various ingenious methods you could try to stretch your sassy new shoes.

Let’s go down below to see some of the easiest ways to stretch shoes which are a little bit too snug for your feet:

1. Freezer

What you’ll need:

– Water
– Large ziplock bag

How to:

For this method, you can use only one ziplock, but a second one would be an added safety measure to protect your shoe from getting wet.

What you have to do first is unzip both ziplock bags and place one inside the other. Then, place the bottom of the ziplock bags into the bottom of your tight-for-now shoe. Try to reach and fill all the nooks and crannies of your shoe by pressing the bags with your hands.

Once the bags are inside your shoe, fill the interior ziplock bag with water until it fills up the inside of the shoe. After the ziplock bag is filled, seal it.

The next step is putting your shoes inside the freezer and leave them there until the water inside the bag is frozen solid. As the water freezes it will expand and stretch out your shoes.

Remove your shoes from the freezer and allow the ice to thaw slightly. Let the ice thaw enough so you can wiggle the bagged ice block out of the shoe.

Once you remove the ice, your shoes should be nicely stretched and ready to wear! You’re welcome


2. Hairdryer & Socks

What you’ll need:

– A pair of thick socks
– Hairdryer

How to:
All you have to do is put on a thick pair of socks and slip on your shoes. Put the hairdryer facing the tight section of your shoes for a couple of seconds, while wiggling your toes and bending your feet inside the shoe. Keep the shoes on while they cool down. If your shoes are still tight, repeat the process again.


3. Rubbing Alcohol

What you’ll need:

– Rubbing alcohol
– Small spray bottle

How to:

Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into an empty spray bottle and spray the inside of your tight shoes until they are slightly damp. Put the shoes on and walk around until the alcohol dries. Repeat this process as necessary if your shoes are still a bit tight.

Another version of this method is taking a pair of cotton socks, soaking them in rubbing alcohol and squeezing out the excess. What you need to do next is putting on the socks and slipping on your shoes until the alcohol dries. If necessary, repeat this method several times


4. Shoe-Stretcher

What you’ll need:

– A shoe-stretcher
– Patience

How to:

This is one of the simplest ways to stretch your tight leather shoes. A shoe-stretcher is shaped the same as a foot and is usually made from wood, such as cedar or maple, with screws and adjustments that help to stretch the shoe. You can purchase one in the closet-organizer section of your local hardware or organizational stores, or the garage sales and thrift stores.

A shoe-stretcher can adjust width or length and will fit in either the left or right shoe. For the shoe-stretcher to do its job, it can take up to several days. Make sure to check the fit every now and then.

Some types of shoe-stretchers include little buttons you can insert into holes for localized stretching, for example to fit over an area with a bunion or corn.

When you use the shoe-stretcher, it’s important to use a shoe-stretching spray or oil. You can find the shoe-stretching spray or oil at shoe stores, shoe repair shops, or from wherever you purchased the shoe-stretcher. This type of spray or oil will help to make the shoe material a little more supple, stretching it evenly.


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