Easy Three Minute Per Day Exercise Routines For Thinner Legs

The key to losing weight is persistence, according to most of the professional fitness trainers. Only if you are determined, dedicated and devoted to your workout plan you will achieve your goal, a toned body of your dreams. However, working out every day is not really exciting and entertaining. Plus, we don’t have the time usually.

However, it will be easier if you knew exercises that won’t take much of your time or energy, but are effective nonetheless.


As it turns out, there are series of short exercise routines, developed by fitness coach Tracy Anderson, that you could do at home if you are aiming for toned legs. They will help you to get rid of fat on the hips and the knees. Not only the front but they will help you work on the back and the inner thigh surface as well.

Learn and practice these easy exercise routines, courtesy of Auntyacid.



What to do to make your legs skinnier

In order to get skinnier legs you only need your bed and 3 minutes each day when you wake up or before going to bed. Sounds dreamy, right?

1. Toning the front part of your thighs

This is good for toning the front part of the thighs, the knees and the abs.


Start with laying on your back and placing your arms down on both sides of your body. Raise your legs until they make a 90-degree. Be careful not to bend your knees.

Then, pull your toes up and end your knees one by one, and return your legs to the initial position.

Make sure to keep your knees together, as well as the front part of your thighs tensed. Repeat this to ten times for each leg.


In the initial position try to keep your knees as straight as possible.

2. Toning the back of the thighs


The exercise routine also works by toning the front and back part of the thighs, knees, and abs and it consists of two parts.

The first part

Similarly like the initial position in the first routine, lay down on your back with raised legs and tows pulled towards your body.

Holding your knees together, bend them one by one.Also, your toes should always be pulled toward your body.  Repeat this exercise to ten times for each leg.


The second part

The initial position being the same as the first part, bend your knees a little bit more and start making swings by raising your buttocks.


Repeat this to 20 times. If you doing it right, you should feel the tension in the muscles of the back of your thighs.

3. Toning the inner part of the thighs


The third routine helps to tone the upper part of the legs, the abs, and the buttocks.
Start by lying on your back. Then raise your legs and cross your right over your left leg. Remeber to always keep both legs tensed. Continue by bending your knees towards the sides to make the so-called “plié” movement and finally, return to the initial position.


First do this ten times with your right leg in the upper position. Then switch them and repeat the exercise 10 times with your left leg in the upper position.

This set of exercises are also great for swollen legs, painful and tired legs.

Specialists suggest three simple exercise rules



Ironically, the more you walk the less painful and swollen your legs would be. Also, did you know that fast walking is more recommended than running?
For better blood flow, you should walk half an hour to one hour on average, three times per week.

2. Ankle exercises

Ankle exercise? Does it even exist? Yes, and it’s good for the blood circulation. So, remember to bend your ankles for twenty to thirty times while pulling your toes away from your body.

3. Water sports

Swimming or another water sport would be also great for the blood circulation.


Source: Auntyacid